11 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Small Business

Google reviews matter. Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they’d trust the opinion of a friend? That’s well over half—and that number includes your customers. Here, we’ll review 11 sure-fire ways of getting more Google reviews for your small to medium-sized business in Northern Colorado and beyond.  

Spring Cleaning: Here’s How to Refresh Your Website in 2019

If you’ve made your way here, you probably have already published your website…but you’re not getting the leads you used to get from it. Are we close? Truth is your work doesn’t end after you hit the publish button—website management is something that you should always put at the top of your marketing plans. If

How to Write for Search Engines in 2019

Search engine marketing is ever-changing. At one point keywords were the #1 focus and users could either care about your content or not. Now, Google is smart enough to somewhat measure a user’s search intent—so it’s more important that you’re writing quality content for your users instead of stuffing in keywords. Today, you must focus

Denver HVAC Companies: Here Are 3 Tactics for Linkbuilding

Has your Denver HVAC company invested in SEO? Are you showing up on Google sometimes…but not always? Link building is an advanced SEO strategy to implement when you really want to solidify your place at the top—and show Google you’re worth a top three spot. Link building is the best way to improve your overall

Should You Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

“Alexa, hire me a real estate agent near Denver, Colorado.” While it’s not that simple, voice search via Google Home and Amazon Alexa is becoming quite common. According to Nielsen, nearly 25% of American households own a smart speaker—and that number is only continuing to grow. If you want to be on the cutting edge

How to Pick Memorable Images for Your HVAC Website

We’ve discussed on the blog reasons why you should hire an SEO copywriter to tighten up your HVAC blog and website information—but what about photos and images? Many potential customers are visual creatures and having beautiful images embedded on your site can sway their opinions of your company. Here, we’ll discuss how you can pick

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Local Restaurant Near Denver

As a local restaurant owner near Denver, you’ve likely tried your hand at a number of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Some work, some don’t—every restaurant has a different audience that responds to different marketing tactics. But, what’s one thing most restaurant goers can’t deny? They love photos of food. Foodies are inclined to see

3 Reasons to Conduct a Marketing Audit for Your Loveland Small Business

Like every small business owner in Loveland and beyond, your goal is to improve sales and overall revenue. Sometimes, marketing strategies can feel like they take forever to work…or they just don’t work at all. It’s money down the drain, no? Not exactly. Marketing works, but if you are spreading your resources across too many