6 Essential Tips and Tricks For Small Business Online Marketing

Rule #1

Check your google listing.

Before you start trying to use pay-per-click and other paid marketing, make sure that you have an accurate Google business listing. Research has found that 95% of local businesses have errors in their business listing, which leads to customers getting inaccurate information. It goes without saying that having the correct information is important, so make sure to update all of your information. Also, be sure to confirm your location, so people can find you in Google maps. Having incomplete information implies to Google that your business is not worth showing as a top result. You can review your business page and update information at https://www.google.com/business/

Rule #2

Worry about the Reviews

When people search for your company one of the first things people look at is your reviews! In fact, over 92% of people read reviews when searching for local business. In today’s society, an online review can be as influential as a personal recommendation when it comes to making buying decisions. Needless to say, online reviews carry a lot of weight.

Here are 3 steps to generate better online reviews:

  1. Be sure to frequently look at your online reviews on google, yelp, and Facebook.
  2. Generate new reviews by asking clients to leave a review when you can see they have had a positive experience (tip: Google allows you to send a direct link to customers for ease of filling out a review).
  3. It is vital to respond to negative reviews when given the opportunity.

These three steps will help build trust with new clients who pay close attention to online reviews. Knowledge is power, so being aware of what clients are saying is critical to your business.

Rule #3

Develop a Website that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

Your website is essentially a robust digital business card. This is your chance to give that first great impression online. Creating a practical website that is simple to use can be difficult, but it is a must in today’s business world.

Another important factor is making sure your websites is mobile friendly. Each year the statistics of how many “digital minutes” people spend on their phone grows. Creating a functional website for all mobile devices is imperative. Your website should also be optimized for search engines, so that users can easily find the products and/or services that most closely match their search. And when additional information is needed from your clients it is necessary to have all your social media pages linked to your website.

There are many services that help business owners create websites, but we recommend working with a professional web developer. If you’re not proficient in this arena, leave it to the pros. Working with a website design partner to create a stunning website is well worth the investment in the success of your business. 36% of consumers say they are more likely to work with a local business that has a website.

Rule #4

Turn Customers into Friends

Your target market is currently adapted to social media. Surprise! Nearly everyone is using social networks nowadays. With so many people using social media, it is critical that your business provides the opportunity to connect via these platforms. We recommend at minimum, starting with the top 3 social networks; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sharing information and posts of relevant content will attract customers who are looking for your goods and services. The name of the game is to amass as big of a following as possible of loyal fans. Every “friend/follower” can be considered revenue for your business!

Rule #5

Getting your name out there!

Now that we have created a cohesive image for you online we are ready to start increasing your reach. Search engine marketing is the most efficient way to get more potential clients to see you. Basic pay-per-click campaigns can be created so that your businesses ads list at the top of Google. This is a great starting point because you are only billed when qualified people click on your link. The more you identify what is relevant to Google the more you will be listed in a search that matches keywords used by your customers. Your customers need to know you exist in order for them to buy from you, so it is important to expand your reach.

Rule #6

Shine brighter than your competitors

The internet is full of competition. It is so important to stand out from the rest. You can do this by getting creative with re-engaging ads to customers who have already had an interest in your business, but they did not pull the trigger on a purchase. When re-engaging customers, you have a chance to offer discounts to give them incentives to buy. It is so critical to give potential customers who have seen or heard of your brand, as many paths to purchase as possible. Re-engaging does exactly that!