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How to Manage Negative Reviews on GMB

Astronaut customer standing in front of a local business leaving a negative review on GMB

No business owner wants to see a negative review suddenly appear on their page after they tried their absolute best to build up their reputation. Especially when you’ve been trying so hard to optimize your digital assets for reviews. But, if you see a negative review: don’t panic. It’s typical to receive negative reviews. The

How to Optimize Your GMB for Marijuana Dispensaries

Man optimizing his marijuana dispensary Google My Business listing

Looking to increase your phone calls, orders, and website visits? Who isn’t?! Google My Business is a powerful digital marketing asset that is available to almost every industry. However, there is one industry that is greatly undervalued on GMB: Marijuana dispensaries. With marijuana being an illegal drug at the federal level in the United States,

What is CBO? Are you Ready for the Next Step in Facebook Budgeting?

What is Facebook's CBO tool featured image

Good ol’ Facebook is at it again! Last year, in 2019, Facebook released a new way for you to set a budget for your running ads. Ready for this? You can now use your budget directly at the campaign level rather than the ad set! Now, is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

The Importance of Having a Website in 2020

Desktop, mobile, and tablet devices displaying a website template

Websites! You have to have one in 2020 otherwise, you can kiss those customers goodbye. … well, most of the customers. Before I start explaining why it’s so important to have a website, let me be clear: I’m not trying to sell you on buying a new website. This article is for the intent of

How GMB Has Been Affected By COVID-19: 5 Actionable Tips

GMB actionable tips for COVID-19 featured image

The world is in panic. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the entire world has been upended. People are buying up supplies, stores are changing their hours of operation, people are wearing gas masks to walk their dog, and we’ve even seen some brawls in parking lots over something as simple as toilet paper.

Getting More Reviews For Your Service Business (3 Actionable Strategies)

Alien on phone to review a business on Google

Reviews are the lifeblood of your service business.  How good you are at earning positive reviews as well as catching negative feedback can either make you the obvious choice in your market or deter consumers from contacting you at all.  In a survey of 1,005 US-based consumers conducted by BrightLocal, only 53% of people said

What is Local SEO? A Guide for Business Owners

Alien in outer space using a mobile phone for local SEO

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guide to local SEO for the small to medium-size business owner. We have created this local search optimization guide to prove the worth of local SEO and why you should start implementing local SEO strategies as soon as possible. The internet is crowded with businesses. Business owners in every industry

New Local SEO Update From Google 2019: What’s Changed?

Google ship in outer space above Earth with meteor shower

Updated: February 3rd, 2020 As a business owner, you want to stay up-to-date on all trends and updates that will potentially impact your business online. When something BIG happens and you are unaware, this could dangerously damage your online visibility and could potentially lead to fewer and fewer conversions over time. Luckily, we at Beyond

How to Drive Traffic to Your Denver Website in 2019

Traffic coming to store front on the moon

Businesses across the globe want more traffic coming to their websites. The reason? More traffic = more conversions = more $$ Simple math, yet it can be very complicated to generate relevant traffic to your Denver, Colorado business website.  In this article, we’ll break down some tips that you can be using to increase your