5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters

Have you ever seen a company that didn’t have a logo associated with its brand? 

Chances are, you haven’t. (And if you have 😏, send them our way!)

That’s because logos are the visual placeholder and identity of a brand. They are meant to be a representative symbol of what the brand and company stand for. 

Without logos, we would not feel as connected to the companies and brands we love. When a group of people wears the same logo, they represent that brand collectively, and it shows that they support that brand and its values. 

Logos create a community of people who share personal yet separate relationships with that brand. However, they are united when wearing or using the logo.

1. Logos Represent Your Brand

Logos are recognizable, visual symbols that add value to your brand. They are distinguishable and representative of everything the brand stands for.  

Each person’s relationship with the company or brand is different due to personal experiences, however, they are connected by the association with the brand’s logo.

A logo is responsible for creating the relationship between the company, the product, and the consumer. Without logos, we wouldn’t have as strong of an emotional tie to many of the brands we know and love today. 

Walt Disney logo / 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters / Beyond Blue Media

For example, the Walt Disney logo is most notably known as just the cursive handwritten “Walt Disney.” This logo seems simple (almost too simple) however, it is unique because it is actually Mr. Disney’s handwriting.

What adds an extra flair and exclusive representation to Disney is the iconic castle from one of their most beloved movies:  Sleeping Beauty (however, it is interchangeable with the Cinderella castle - fun facts!). This image is typically set above the cursive handwriting but can also stand alone with the consumer still realizing that what it relates to is Disney.

Disney brought something extremely unique and memorable to the brand that has stood for generations of consumers.

This logo represents the archetype of the Walt Disney brand because it has that personal touch, along with feelings and memories associated with Disneyland, childhood movies, and the castle. 

Even if you haven’t been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you most likely know of this handwriting and can recognize where the castle is from; it may even still evoke a feeling or memory.

This logo works so well that the original handwriting hasn’t changed much since its inception in 1937.

2. Logos Add Value to Your Company

If you were looking to spend a little extra and purchase a really high-end, fashionable purse, you would probably first look to purchase one of the purses whose logos you’ve seen before.

Louis Vuitton logo / 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters / Beyond Blue Media

Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci may come to mind. But why is that? 

It’s because all of these brands specifically use their logo on almost all of their products in such a fashion as to leave an impression

When you see a Louis Vuitton purse, you know it’s Louis Vuitton because of the recognizable brand logo “LV” appearing literally all over the inside and outside of the bag.

Typically, creating a pattern based on a brand’s logo is not ideal, however, the logo is the iconic and memorable feature of Louis Vuitton’s recognition and value.

This brand is one of the most well-known in the fashion industry, but it isn’t just known for the “LV” symbol (as we said, that’s the initial recognition), the products are known for their quality and high-end stature, which adds value to their overall brand and company. 

The same goes for Apple products. You know the brand because the logo is directly associated with the quality of the product. It has meaning and, therefore, value.

3. Logos Tie People Together

It is important to have a logo to tie people’s emotional and personal experiences to the brand

Nike logo / 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters / Beyond Blue Media

For example, Nike is a very prominent brand. People from around the world can distinguish Nike from other companies just by looking at its logo: the “swoosh.” 

People have their own separate memories and feelings that manifest when they see the Nike swoosh. 

Whether you wear Nike or not, you know what the brand is and what they stand for by seeing the swoosh alone. 

Nike has done a fantastic job at marketing itself and creating this incredibly memorable logo. However, what makes it so special is not the image, but the consumers’ connection to it. What do you feel when you see the Nike logo?

Not to persuade you, but many of our team members (myself included) feel a sense of resilience, good sportsmanship, and strength.

People come together to sports events and arenas to see their favorite players, many of which are sponsored by Nike. Some of the best athletes have been sponsored by Nike. The brand has made ties within the community whether you play a sport or just watch it.

4. Logos Create a Cohesive Message

An important aspect of creating a logo is that it ties your brand, product, and values together. As we said, you want your logo to be a visual representation of your company, and everything it stands for. 

This doesn’t mean it always has to be literal. For example, the McDonald's arches logo has nothing to do with cheeseburgers. (In fact, the story behind the logo is quite amusing.) However, when you see the yellow arches, you instantly think of a cheeseburger and fries.

This is because their logo has been incredibly established and people have created their own memories connected to McDonald’s and the arches. Even a child knows about Ronald McDonald and the yellow arches.

Building a brand’s logo is something that will (and should!) take time; no matter how simple it may appear.

It takes diligence on the company’s part to first make a logo that is representative of its brand, then utilizes it in its product line frequently enough that consumers begin to recognize it.

Peace River CBD logo / 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters / Beyond Blue Media

An example of a fairly literal and representative logo is that of Peace River CBD, a client of ours for which we created this logo (shown above). Their company sells CBD oil which promotes health and wellness at a reasonable price. 

Their logo exemplifies that of a modern river flowing while the sun is setting. Peace River’s goal was to make a logo that mirrors their company’s objectives and represents their overall values: affordable, high-quality products.

To encapsulate the importance of their brand and product line, we took part in their name (River) and the essence of what the product is supposed to provide the user: a sense of calm and health.

When people see this logo, the hope is that they think of peace and tranquility, just as their name suggests and their brand encompasses. <- That’s the message we’re trying to convey.

Looking back to Louis Vuitton and Apple, the value here isn’t to represent a luxury product line, but rather a high-quality product.

Make note: Not all products that are more affordable are made cheap!

Value has a different meaning for everyone.

5. Logos Distinguish Your Company

There are hundreds of athleisure and activewear brands on the market today. So how do companies distinguish themselves in a highly competitive field?

Lululemon logo / 5 Reasons Why Your Logo Matters / Beyond Blue Media

Notably, Lululemon has done an exceptional job at this. They have set their brand apart with a simple logo that is put on every item (and bag) they sell. 

Black leggings are just black leggings, however, the Lululemon logo makes those black leggings special (in the same way that Louis Vuitton and Apple are very distinguishable as luxury brands).

Individualizing your company is extremely important, especially in a competitive market. 

One way to put yourself above the competition is to create a logo that is memorable, notable, and becomes iconic. 

Determine what you want your brand to represent and get creative with it. It can be simple, intricate, subtle, or bold. 

Whatever logo you choose, make sure it is relatable, recognizable, and distinctive to your company.

Logos Aren’t Always Everlasting

Let’s be clear: you can always change your logo at a later date. However, this doesn’t mean that the transition won’t be rocky. This is especially true when you have a brand that is recognized by its logo… changing it may cause more harm than good!

New logos are made for the purpose of a new company, new brand, rebranding, and a few other needs. Whether you’re in need of a new logo or a redesign of your current logo, Beyond Blue Media is at your disposal. We’ve worked with many successful companies that are now recognized in their local communities and at a national level.

Contact us if you’re interested in distinguishing your brand from your competitors with a logo that speaks to your audience.


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