3 Customer Loyalty Programs That Add Value

How much does it cost your business to acquire a new customer? A lot more than you’d like. Statistics show that it costs, on average, five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one. Instead of spending your extra marketing dollars on fancy campaigns, you might want to think of customer retention instead. 

To be successful, businesses must think about what they are doing to keep their customers coming back. How do you make customers loyal patrons? Here are 6 customer loyalty programs that add value (and actually work!). 

3 Customer Loyalty Programs To Consider for Your Denver Business 

1. Punch card

Do you own a restaurant, boutique, or HVAC company near Denver? Punch cards can be a great customer loyalty program that’s easy to start (and even easier to manage). Print up loyalty cards to pass out to customers right away. With each purchase or service from your business, you’ll punch their card. The more often the customer frequents your business, the closer they get to a reward (i.e. free service, money off an item, etc.). 

2. Tier system

Want a more complex, yet more enticing system for your loyalty program? Consider tiering off your customers. If you need a point of reference, think of Chick-fil-A’s reward program. Set up in an app, they offer customers different reward tiers: regular, silver, and red. At the time of each purchase, a customer acquires points. After some time, the customer will reach enough total points to qualify for the silver tier. Then, eventually, they will qualify for the red tier. Each tier has different benefits (more rewards, VIP status, birthday gifts, etc.) to entice customers to continue playing the game (and, in turn, choose their business over competitors). 

3. VIP program

Similarly, your Denver business could offer a VIP program to interested customers. Simply charge an upfront fee for VIP benefits and offer them accordingly. Our best example? If you’re an HVAC company, offer a once-yearly VIP fee for maintenance. Include all HVAC service for fall and spring within the “VIP package” and maybe even toss in a repair consultation or replacement inspection, too. This will ensure your customers remain loyal to your brand if something goes wrong with their air conditioning or heating system all year long. 

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