3 Important Tips for Redesigning Your Brand’s Logo

Few things are more important than brand identity. Designing and implementing a strong logo for your small business in Denver can really take you places. Sometimes companies get it right the first time—never having to rebrand or redesign. Other times, a few renditions may be necessary to keep up with the times. Thinking about reimagining your brand this year? Here are 4 important tips for redesigning your brand’s logo.

3 Important Tips for Redesigning Your Brand’s Logo

1. Ask yourself the tough questions.

A logo design is how your company is recognized by past and present customers. Before embarking on a major brand remodel, consider a few hard questions. Why does the logo need to be redesigned? What are the goals of your company at this time? What audience are you hoping to reach? What’s your brand story—and how does the logo add value to that tale?

Having answers to these tough questions is the first step to any major brand overhaul.

2. Decide between a logo redesign and a logo refresh.

A logo redesign is a major overhaul of your existing graphic. During this process, you may change the font, color, style, and graphics associated with the brand image.

On the other hand, a logo refresh is simply an update. For example, let’s say your original logo was designed in 2002. At the time, your business was just getting started—and graphic design programs were not quite what they are today. You love your existing color scheme and brand message. Your customers recognize the logo. In this case, it’s ideal to keep to a similar theme. Here, we’d simply update to a more modern font and refine the edges—giving your logo a more modern look and feel.

3. Don’t get too drastic.

Drastic, unexpected changes in logo design can be confusing for customers. When redesigning your brand’s logo, you must take customers into consideration. If you have a loyal following or you’re a well-known brand around town, you might want to be more conservative in a logo remodel. Drastic redesigns can make it difficult to recognize your company and identify your brand among competitors—which can have a negative effect on business overall!

Beyond Blue Media: Logo Redesign Near Denver, CO

Logo design is personal for every brand and story. At Beyond Blue Media, we work directly with you to design, edit and refresh any logo or brand message you may need. Our designers will be able to create a modern and unique logo that will set your business apart and allow you to grow in your own market—what’s not to love?

As a full-service digital marketing agency near Denver, we work with clients across Northern Colorado to improve brand messaging, local search engine optimization, digital advertising, printed materials, and more. Our agency can provide for all of your marketing needs in 2019 and beyond. Take the first step to a successful marketing plan by contacting Beyond Blue Media online—or giving us a call today at 970-691-6149.

Located in Fort Collins, Beyond Blue Media expands beyond our doorstep to offer digital marketing services to businesses across Northern Colorado. Our service areas include Fort Collins, Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, Longmont, and the surrounding areas.


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