3 Reasons to Conduct a Marketing Audit for Your Loveland Small Business

Like every small business owner in Loveland and beyond, your goal is to improve sales and overall revenue. Sometimes, marketing strategies can feel like they take forever to work...or they just don’t work at all. It’s money down the drain, no?

Not exactly. Marketing works, but if you are spreading your resources across too many channels, you may be diluting your chances for success. Conduct a marketing audit to avoid throwing marketing dollars out the window. Here’s how.

What is a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit sounds like a scary word, doesn’t it? While the verbiage may be intimidating, the reality is actually quite helpful. A marketing audit is simply a review of the marketing objectives and strategies currently in place for your Loveland business. The end goal of such a review is simply to see what's working and what isn't. Overall, this can help you refine your marketing campaigns and improve your ROI (return on investment).

3 Reasons to Conduct a Marketing Audit for Small Business

1. To Save Money

Small businesses don’t always have the necessary means to test out big marketing campaigns. If your marketing budget is small, you’re trying out multiple channels, and nothing is giving back, you might not be spending enough in the right category. A marketing audit will give you an idea of what you’re spending and where you’re spending it—then, you can reallocate accordingly.

2. To See What Isn’t Working

A marketing audit dives into the analytics of all of your marketing campaigns (or allows you the opportunity to set up tracking software to monitor untracked campaigns if you have yet to do so). Having concrete numbers will help you to see what’s working and what’s failing. Some businesses are better at marketing themselves on social media and others are best suited for traditional banner ads. Every business is different, so it makes sense that marketing, too, would change by industry, location, or business. Numbers will help you understand what actions need to be taken.

3. To Realign Actions with Goals

Sometimes marketing campaigns can tire out. A marketing audit requires a significant amount of research into your business—and, often, it can lead to the rediscovery of your initial goals. While not the main intention of a marketing audit, sometimes it’s an excellent way to discover new ideas to try when creating a new marketing plan for your local business.

Ready for a Small Business Marketing Audit? Call Beyond Blue Media Near Loveland, CO

When it’s time to realign your marketing strategies and dig into the numbers, an extra set of eyes can be a dream come true. At Beyond Blue Media, we offer digital marketing services to Loveland businesses and beyond—and each comes with a quick marketing audit of your site. We love helping local Colorado companies in a variety of industries—HVAC, plumbing, construction, franchise, restaurant, real estate, restoration, and more—manage their online presence and build websites and marketing plans that convert. Call us today at 970-691-6149 or fill out our online contact form—we’ll be in touch soon.

Located in Fort Collins, Beyond Blue Media expands beyond our doorstep to offer digital marketing services across Northern Colorado. Our service areas include Fort Collins, Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, and Longmont.


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