3 Secrets to Driving Leads Online You Need to Read ASAP

Like any small to medium-sized business in Denver, you’re probably looking to improve your website, drive leads, and make sales like…yesterday. Lead generation sounds easy enough, but when put to the test, it’s become apparent that even the best content and marketing teams still struggle to actually convert leads as expected. Thankfully, we’re here to help with three secrets to driving online leads faster and more efficiently.

3 Secrets to Driving Online Leads Fast

Explain a lead magnet’s value

Having a lead magnet, like a sign-up form, email subscribe button, or download isn’t going to work unless you tell a customer why it’s valuable. Explain to users why they should click, sign-up, or spend time filling out their precious contact information. Use marketing language—like percentages and promotions—to persuade users. Just make sure you’re stressing the value of what you have to offer.

Use bold, clickable CTAs

If users don’t know where to click, they might just not click through at all. Make sure to design your contact forms, email sign-ups, and download buttons with bright colors, bold fonts, and clickable links. You’ll also find that users think clickable CTA buttons are more credible than your standard hyperlinked text.

Design easy lead forms

If your lead form is lengthy or included complicated jargon, no one is going to fill it out…not even your most loyal customers. Make sure any lead forms only contain the necessary information. Convenience is going to be key here—don’t overcomplicate things!

Typically, in a good lead form, you’ll only ask for information that can be auto-filled by the user’s web browser. Think first name, last name, email address, and one question (like what services they want or what email type they’re interested in registering for).

If you want to give users an open platform, you can always leave an open field for additional information, comments, or questions. Also, please note that asking for a user’s phone number through a lead generation form is typically not a great way to drive conversions. Online users are happy to give out an email address, but a phone number feels too personal. Studies have even shown that asking for a phone number on a lead generation form can actually decrease conversions by almost 50%.

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