7 Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

As the housing market climbs, the business bottom line for home builders should be easy to meet—especially here in Denver, no? Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated. For the big players in home building, significant marketing budgets put them ahead of the pack—so how does a smaller home builder and remodeling company compete? Here are 7 foolproof digital marketing strategies to help you win sales and take back your business (on the cheap!). 

7 Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

1. Start a blog that’s SEO-focused.

One easy way to gain inexpensive traffic to your website is to blog with search engines in mind. Blogging helps to add value for your customers by providing answers to their questions about building, remodeling, and paying for their new investment. However, if you are targeting highly-searched keywords, linking properly, and posting valuable information, Google will take note. A focus on SEO quality can position your website as a relevant answer to customer questions in your local market—and, in turn, will help you rank higher on Google and get more potential home builders to visit your site!

2. Take your design eye to Instagram. 

Have a social media-savvy office assistant? Are you an Instagram guru yourself? Get creative with Instagram and other social media platforms. Home building companies, unlike others in the home services industry, are visual and can utilize the photo-sharing platform to their advantage. Share photos of custom-built kitchens, recently remodeled patios and intricate basement layouts. Use Instagram Stories to engage users, ask their opinions, and perform video walk-throughs of recently constructed designs. 

3. Include call-to-action statements on your website.

In any industry, your website should be your pride and joy. Make sure it’s set up to drive leads and sales—and doesn’t just serve as a pretty homepage for your business. Always tell potential customers what to do once they arrive at your website. Include call-to-action statements throughout your homepage and blog content to persuade users to call, click, or learn more.

4. Redesign your website for mobile.

It’s 2019—if your home builder website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, you’re losing sales. Research supports this statement, too. According to a study by Impact, 52% of users are less likely to engage with a company if they have a bad mobile shopping or browsing experience. To remedy this issue, hire a web design company to reimagine your logo and update your site with cutting-edge technology that will enhance the user experience. 

5. Don’t shy away from email marketing.

Email isn’t dead. When it comes to engaging users, email marketing is actually one of the more effective ways to turn first-time browsers into loyal customers. When you have an email address, you have a direct line of communication—that’s not true of other marketing channels. Take a second to compile your email list and import them into software like MailChimp, Emma, or Constant Contact. Then, send a welcome email to test its effectiveness. 

6. YouTube your way to the top.

Video marketing is in its prime right now—and home builders can use it to showcase their expertise, style, and personality. Produce video content that speaks to how much your customers love your company or shoot walk-throughs of custom-built homes. Post them to YouTube to produce brand awareness. Even if you don’t know how to shoot stellar videos yourself, you can hire a local freelancer or agency to do the hard stuff for you at an affordable rate. 

7. Target the right customers with paid ads.

On average, Americans spend on average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook—so why not use this to your advantage? Television commercials aren’t where your customers live anymore—try investing in social media advertisements instead. With paid ads, you can set goals that align with your overall marketing strategy and target specific audiences to reach the right customers every time. Mastering an advertising strategy for Facebook can help position your brand as the leader in home building by targeting very specific and often motivated segments.

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