Are Bing PPC Ads Worth My Time and Money?

When it’s time to set up digital search advertisements for your small business in Boulder, you’ve probably been told Google Ads are the way to go—as they still dominate over 92% of all search traffic. It just makes sense right? Not necessarily because there are other options for PPC search ads. Today, we’re going to talk about Bing PPC ads.

Are Bing PPC Ads Worth My Time and Money?

Bing Ads work very similarly to Google Ads. You bid on keywords much the same way and they allow advertisers (aka you) to show relevant campaigns to potential customers based on keyword triggers...but are they worth your time and money? Here are three benefits of using Bing Ads over Google.

1. Decreased CPCs

You might worry about running PPC ads on a platform with significantly fewer searches. Then, you’d be happy to know that even with a smaller percentage of searches, Bing still has millions of users...and less competition for advertisers. Everyone and their mother is on Google—why not try something else for a change? You might even notice a decreased cost per click without having to do much work because of the lack of competition. That’s a win in our book.

2. Higher Potential CTRs

As lack of competition can lead to decreased CPC, you may also experience a higher click-through-rate, too. While we cannot guarantee a higher CTR, there have been studies to suggest that Bing produces more clicks to advertiser sites than Google on desktop. We suggest you test the two platforms to see which works better for your specific case.

3. Bid Control at the Ad Group Level

Unlike Google Ads, Bing PPC lets you set individual bids for each specific ad group. They also give you a little more control overall—allowing you to select an audience based on different factors like location or device. This can be extremely helpful for local businesses looking to target highly specific users.

Whether you choose Google or Bing as your primary ad source, targeting customers through PPC advertisements is a great way to encourage clicks to your website and set yourself up for financial success. We don’t advise you to give up on Google altogether—they are still the largest PPC provider on the web and have the potential to reach the largest customer base—but we do advise you to test out both platforms. You never know when you’ll tap into an unheard audience with Bing PPC.

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