Email Marketing Marked As Spam? Here’s How to Remedy This

Are your open rates low? Are your email newsletters being marked as spam? Do you want to get more out of your email marketing efforts? Email marketing is a great tool for reaching past customers, building trust, and ensuring loyalty...but only if they’re coming into your customer’s inbox. 

What Happens If Your Automated Emails Are Being Marked As Spam? 

If the email newsletters you tirelessly create for your business are being marked as spam, email providers—like Gmail—will stop trusting your content. (Note: you can track spam reports in MailChimp, Emma, or any email automation software.) Untrustworthy content gets sent automatically to a customer’s spam folder—and your deliverability will suffer. All that hard work you put into designing, building, and writing copy? It was all for nothing…unless you remedy the problem!

How to Prevent Emails From Being Marked As Spam

When it comes to spammy email newsletters and blasts to your customers, you can do a few things to remedy the situation and encourage fewer spam reports. Here are our top three tips for Denver businesses looking to improve their email marketing deliverability.

Create engaging and valuable content.

First and foremost, the easiest way to decrease your number of spam reports is to create audience-specific content. When the contents of your email marketing aren’t relevant to the users on your list, they’re going to question your business...and they’re most likely going to unsubscribe. Do research on your list. Send out surveys to learn what your audience finds valuable, then adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Another pro tip: always avoid spammy subject lines and preheader text. This will help you avoid getting marked as spam by the email provider, too!

Use an email list validation tool.

You always want to make sure your email lists are kept up-to-date too. Emails are at a constant risk of degrading. People forget passwords, school accounts expire, and email addresses just go dormant. Some email addresses will also become spam machines—marking everything they see as spam without unsubscribing. How do you combat this? Use an email list validation tool. 

Email list validation tools work in bulk to clean your email lists of spammy addresses, addresses that hard bounce, and dormant accounts. This can improve your overall deliverability rates (and, subsequently, your open and click-through rates).

Activate a double opt-in feature. 

Want to avoid your emails being marked as spam? Activate a double opt-in feature during sign-up. This will require every user who signs up on your site to confirm their place on your email list later on. Why does this work? Customers who will go the extra mile to confirm their desire to be a member of your list will be more engaged overall. With email marketing, a smaller number of engaged users is almost always better than a larger list of disinterested contacts. Plus, engaged and interested users trust your company and are less likely to mark your emails as spam. 

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