How Should My Plumbing Company Handle Price Shoppers?

You’ve set up your website and you’re active on social media. After investing in digital advertising and remodeling your website, you’re ready for the calls to start flooding in. But, when you hear your customer service representative chatting with clients, it seems to be all about the price of a toilet installation, water heater repair, or piping restoration. Many of the calls coming in are simply to inquire about your services—but none of these calls are booking services.

How can my plumbing company near Fort Collins or Denver, Colorado deal with price shoppers? And, how do we turn these price shoppers into actual customers? Let’s discuss this.

Tips to Convert Plumbing Price Shoppers into Customers

Avoiding price shoppers isn’t possible. Being rude to them or getting frustrated when they don’t book service? A terrible business strategy. Here are a few tips for how to convert those plumbing company price shoppers into lasting customers.

Know your stuff.

Make sure whoever is answering the phone—be it an official customer service representative or your Uncle Joe—knows all of your services, the cost, and the areas you service. Many times, if potential customers have to be put on hold or wait for a call back with information, they’ll find someone else. Be prepared with all the necessary information—always.

Listen and ask questions.

Many customers call with questions—but most want you to get to know their situation too. Make sure whoever is taking calls also has great phone manners and truly listens to customer concerns. Ask questions about the customer’s issue and take notes. Following up on customer calls may also attract more sales because the customer will see how much you care.  

Don’t drop prices on the fly.

Adding coupons or deals to your site to attract customers? That’s just fine! But never quote a low, low price to a customer just because you think it’ll get you the sale. Low prices do not always equal sales—sometimes when customers are comparing prices, they will avoid calling back the lowest-price service out of fear that something’s not right. Most people are willing to spend more money on higher quality services—so stick to your gut on what you think you are worth and eventually, potential customers will take note.

Add general pricing to your website.

Want to avoid more price shopping? Put more information on your website about your services and potential cost. While many plumbing jobs have to be estimated in person before a price is set, you can offer general prices on-site for your most basic services. Just add a disclaimer that not all plumbing jobs are one-size-fits-all and pricing may vary on complex issues.

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