How to Add Links to Your Instagram Story (Without 10,000 Followers)

Instagram Stories have been quite a popular marketing channel for Denver businesses for quite some time. You can quickly and easily disseminate information about sales, special offers, business closures, and updates to customers. Unfortunately, Instagram is less than generous about providing a place to link to your website—which can majorly affect your conversion rate!

Some may think that if you’re not sending customers to your website, then what’s the point? We think differently. If you have a social media following on Instagram, don’t waste it—figure out a way to add links to your stories!

4 Ways to Add Links to Your Instagram Story

1. Score 10,000 Followers 

One of the best ways to utilize links in your Instagram Stories is the ‘Swipe Up’ feature. This feature will let you include a link on a specific story and give users the option to swipe up to view the webpage. Unfortunately, Instagram requires accounts to have 10,000+ followers to access the ‘Swipe Up’ feature—meaning it’s left to big businesses, celebrities, and influencers. If you’re a small business, it’s best practice to improve your follower count organically, with 10,000 followers being your main goal to start.

2. Include a Link in Your Company’s Bio

The easiest way to link to your website from Instagram is by including a link in your company’s bio. Instagram allows one visible link per account. Ideally, you’ll want this to be your homepage. However, if you’re advertising something specific in your stories—like a sale, special offer, or a blog post—consider changing the link to match the specific intention. Encourage users to go to the page by communicating that there is a clickable ‘link in bio’.

3. Utilize Instagram Ads

Want to get the ‘Swipe Up’ feature without having 10,000 followers? You can pay for it. If you choose to engage in Instagram advertisements via stories, the social media platform will offer you a chance to use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature to convert users.

4. Include an Instagram Sticker

Lastly, you can use Instagram Story stickers to direct customers back to your account page for easy access to your ‘link in bio’. One way to achieve success with stickers is to use the Mentions stickers and tag your own brand directly in the story. Just make sure to include a call-to-action somewhere on the post—i.e. “Click Here to Schedule”.

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