How To Decrease Your Ad Spend Without Losing Customers

Paid search ads can be a lifesaver for new businesses. It’s a great way to identify, target, and re-engage real-life paying customers. Only problem? You’re paying for it.... by the click. Unlike your organic digital marketing efforts—SEO, social media, blogging, etc.—you have to maintain a pay-per-click budget for paid search ads to run. It’s not one payment and done. So, can you spend less on ads and not ruin your performance? Yes, you can.

Here’s How to Avoid Losing Customers When You Decrease Your Ad Spend

Looking to optimize your paid search ads to reduce spend without changing your customer base too much? We’ve got answers. Just a disclaimer: while we cannot guarantee a quick win, we do believe you have the potential to save money while maintaining campaign performance if you optimize accordingly.

Improve keywords to decrease ad spend.

When looking to improve your paid advertisements, you have to think about what will get your ads in front of people who are actively searching for what you have to sell. If you’re running an effective campaign with the appropriate keywords, your ads will appear when people search for something related to your business.

You can check out exactly what people searched for when they clicked your ad in your Google Adwords account. See something fishy? Thinking to yourself why would we pop up when they searched for that? You’ve just found room for improvement!

To determine the proper keywords to bid on for PPC ads moving forward, you can (and should!) be testing. The ‘test, tweak, repeat’ process can help you save money in the long run by only using the most relevant keywords with the best ROI.

Improve quality score to decrease ad spend.

What is another way to avoid losing customers when you decrease ad spend? Improve your quality score. The quality score is a term used to describe how well your ads match the search intent. More commonly, it’s Google’s way of saying ‘does this advertisement make sense for these keywords or are you just bidding to bid?’.

You can improve your quality score by updating the landing page, the ad copy, or the keywords to lower your cost per click. Landing pages are often the culprit of a low-quality score. When creating your ad campaign, make sure your landing page is well-formated, easily accessible on mobile devices, crawlable by Google, and relevant to your ad copy and keywords.

If you’re looking to decrease ad spend, these tactics should be a great first step to getting your ad spend to a manageable place. If you need more help managing your PPC advertisements near Denver, you can always call Beyond Blue Media for help.

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