How To Get To The Top Of Google Search Results In 2019

Why Do Search Engines Change the Rules? And, How to Game Them—that should be the title of the SEO handbook, no? Getting to the top of Google’s search results can feel like a never-ending game of chess. Without an updated strategy and a focus on trends, you could lose your first-page Google rankings to the small business next door. If you’re falling behind in 2019, read on and we’ll give you some tips for ranking first in the latest age of search engine optimization.

4 Tips for Scoring a Top Three Spot on Google 

1. Do your keyword research.

Keyword research is still important. Internet users are still using keyword phrases when looking for specific content. And, even though Google is getting smarter and starting to understand search intent, keywords help search engines to better understand your website and point the right users in your direction. 

2. Optimize for mobile.

In 2015, Google began its mobile-first indexing and rankings began to change. If your local Denver business experienced a dip in organic search traffic or a drop in the rankings, it could have something to do with your site’s user experience. Not mobile-friendly? Optimize and redesign your site now. Google will reward you for getting up with the times.

3. Think about voice search.

Like anything in the technology space, how we search is changing and websites will need to adapt to compete. Google now considers voice search terms in keyword volume—and, if we know anything, people don’t type as they speak. The keywords you used to use—like best dry cleaner near Denver—might be a little bit different now. Instead, users might simply ask Alexa to “find me the closest dry cleaner to the office”. 

4. Don’t neglect technical SEO.

When it comes to SEO, you’ve done it all to show up in a Top 3 stop, right? Not unless you’ve considered making changes to your technical SEO strategy too. Small optimizations like updating alt tags on photo content, adding schema markup, or creating well-thought meta descriptions can make a huge impact over competitors. 

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