How to Improve Online Authority for HVAC Companies

When it comes to digital marketing, online authority is so important. Most importantly, your HVAC company’s online authority score can dictate where Google ranks your web pages (and, in turn, how many people find you in a search engine).

So, what exactly is online authority? And, how can one improve an online authority score?

What is Online Authority?

Online authority should be pretty straightforward. Provide content that’s useful and present yourself as the expert on HVAC topics to be seen as more trustworthy and respected online. If you put your HVAC company’s best foot forward online, you’ll find it easier to secure conversions, earn more website traffic, and improve client relationships.

As mentioned previously, online authority also refers to the “trustworthiness” of your website to Google. Online authority plays a big role in how your pages rank in search engines (and how often you’re found via a Google search!). Often, online authority related to search engines can be improved by providing valuable content to your customers and having reputable sources link back to your website.

3 Ways To Improve Online Authority

Online authority is registered by Google as a score. Your entire website, also known as a domain, and each webpage is given an authority score—you can check your authority score with marketing tools like Moz!

Here are three ways to improve your online authority score.

1. Provide Valuable Content

First and foremost, you need to provide value to your customers with your website and social media. Every landing page, blog piece, or Instagram story needs to be useful and answer any question your customer might have. Before posting anything online, ask yourself: why would my customer need this

Valuable content means more customers and, from an authority side of things, it means other sites will look to you first.

2. Get Featured on Local Sites

Links are the easiest way to build online authority. From Google’s perspective, online authority is always passed through links. How does it work? Well, if a “reputable” site, like your local newspaper or a popular blog, links to your HVAC company’s site, then they pass some of that authority on to you. Anything you can do to have your business featured online is key.

Be newsworthy and have a story written about you in the local paper—they’re online, too! Or, sponsor a local softball team—most of the time, they’ll link to any sponsor websites from their own.

3. Guest Blog on a Reputable HVAC Website

Guest blogging is a great way for you to achieve links back to your site, too. Write an email to an HVAC publication you love. If you have an interesting perspective on an industry topic, they’ll more than likely publish it on their blog—it’s great publicity for your small HVAC company and it’ll help improve your online authority.

Need Help Improving your Online Authority? Choose Beyond Blue Media

Online authority is important, but it takes time, effort, and determination to build. Need help? Choose Beyond Blue Media. We offer digital marketing services aimed at improving the online authority of your local HVAC (or anything!) business. Give us a call today at 970-691-6149 or contact us online. We serve businesses throughout Northern Colorado and specifically in the following areas: Fort Collins, Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, and Longmont.


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