How to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

Increasing traffic and leads isn’t your ultimate marketing goal, is it? No, what you really want is to increase conversions. You want more customers to book your services, eat at your lunch spot, or buy from your store. From a digital marketing perspective, some may say that increasing conversions requires fresh content. While fresh content is ideal for SEO in 2019, that’s not the only thing you’ll want to rely on. Here’s how to optimize your old content for new conversions. 

4 Ways to Optimize Old Content for New Conversions in 2019

When it comes to content marketing (aka blogging, social media, etc.), converting readers and viewers is not an easy task. For example, readers come to your blog content to find answers—then, they leave. Social media followers likely follow you for a laugh or because they find your page aesthetically pleasing or informational. The real problem here? None of these reasons lead straight to conversions. 

Here, we’ll discuss how to optimize your existing content for conversions—so you’ll make more sales and transactions without wasting time creating excess materials. 

1. Optimize for call-to-action.

If your users aren’t doing what you want them to do on-site, it is okay to give them a nudge in the right direction. Call-to-action statements can make a world of difference in conversion rate. Direct customers to take action on your website after reading a blog post or social media story.

2. Take a look at competitors.

From a content perspective, what are your competitors doing differently? Check their blog for call-to-action statements. Look to social media for ideas on video, photo, or informational graphics to design similarly for your company. In the age of digital media, competitor analysis is only a few keystrokes away—and checking in on competitor progress will only keep your team at the cutting edge of marketing initiatives. 

3. Engage your users on-site.

Want to encourage your website users to take action? Make your site more interactive. Within your onsite content, include clickable infographics, surveys, polls, and even games. Anything that keeps your users interested (and on your site) will increase their chances of remembering you and your services at a later date.

4. Consider an email pop-up.

Pop-ups are annoying, but often necessary. If you’ve checked the boxes above—i.e. you’ve optimized for CTA, you’ve done a competitor analysis, and you’ve taken steps to better engage your users on-site—then it might be time to resort to the email lightbox. Capturing email addresses gives you another content avenue to explore and another chance to increase conversions. Email sign-ups work because they can turn one-time site visitors into loyal, returning customers. 

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