How to Rank (and Convert) with Landing Page SEO for Your Denver HVAC Company

Landing pages are often built out for a specific reason. You want to direct Facebook users via an ad to a deal on AC replacement. Or, you’re looking to create traction from an organic search for basic terms like ‘air conditioning repair’ and ‘duct cleaning’. It’s likely that conversion isn’t on the brain—but, did you know you can create landing pages that rank and convert? Here’s how. 

Why Is My HVAC Landing Page Not Ranking on Google? 

First, let’s talk about why your HVAC landing page is failing to rank in Google’s top three. You’ve written excellent content and you’ve targeted all the right keywords. What gives? In 2019, keyword density isn’t the only ranking factor. Google also takes into consideration user experience, content length, domain authority, website page speed, backlinks, internal linking structures, and other technical SEO issues. If your landing page is laser-focused on conversions, you could be missing some of the key ranking factors. 

What Are Conversion-Focused Landing Pages?

Conversion-focused landing pages have specific goals in mind. Designed to have users schedule, sign-up, or purchase from a business, these pages are great for turning your website into leads or sales. However, they are often not laid out in the same format as an SEO-focused landing page. For example, an SEO landing page might be wordy and detailed while a conversion-centric page is concise and direct. When you’re aiming to encourage users to make the sale, you want to eliminate distractions and include lots of call-to-actions instead. 

How to Create Landing Pages That Rank and Convert

You don’t have to choose between ranking and your conversion rates. Surprisingly, you can design landing pages that rank and convert simultaneously. Here’s how. 

Consider searcher intent.

When you’re planning out keywords, choose purchase-focused keywords with a high search volume and a low keyword difficulty. Purchase-focused keywords for HVAC companies can be short or long-tail, like “ac not turning on” and “ac repair”. Decide what the searcher might need when searching for these terms and create landing pages around that for a better chance at converting. Why? Chances are high that someone searching for ‘ac repair near Denver’ has a broken air conditioner and needs service. If you’re creating a page that’s ranking and helpful for ‘ac repair’ they might call you first! 

Track your page’s performance.

To better determine how your landing pages are doing, you should always be tracking performance. If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics on your website to track where your traffic is coming from. Determine which landing pages are working for you—aka which ones have lots of organic traffic and turn users into leads. When you track performance, you can also determine which pages are not producing results. Pages with no conversions or low organic traffic should be optimized accordingly.  

Leave your page live.

Did you post a landing page just to offer a specific deal like a summer AC maintenance special? Don’t delete it after the sale ends—this page still has major SEO value. When the page is gone, you could be missing out on traffic that would have converted. It’s better to leave the page live.

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