How to Use Instagram Story Stickers to Better Engage Your Local Audience

Everyone loves Instagram—it’s the social media of this generation and the platform is only growing stronger. As a business, you probably have an Instagram account that you post to pretty frequently—if not read our blog on How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy—but have you utilized Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature? Here we’ll discuss how Instagram Stories Stickers can help you to better engage your local audience.

What are Instagram ‘Stories’?

Instagram Stories was a feature launched in August of 2016 and has taken off in popularity. Some may say that Instagram Stories are even more popular than static posts—and we tend to agree. As of January 2019, Instagram had 500 million daily active Stories users worldwide.

With this feature, you can post photos, videos, or even text sprinkled with GIFs and stickers that will disappear after 24 hours. Brands use Instagram Stories to create greater awareness, engagement, and conversions. Not using Instagram Stories? We highly recommend adding it to your social media content strategy.

Instagram Story Stickers: How They Help Engage a Local Audience

Posting an Instagram Story is one thing; really understanding how they help improve engagement is another. One of the most engaging aspects of Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature is the interactive stickers. Here, we’ll cover the top 5 stickers and how they help engage your local audience on social media.

1. Location

Use the location feature to let users know where you are. Maybe you use your business tag or let users know where your team is going to lunch. Whatever the case, the location sticker is a great way to promote a business because it makes it easier for potential customers to check the location of the store, restaurant, or service shop.

2. Mentions

Want to build a relationship with your manufacturer or wholesale distributor on social media? Want to engage with local influencers or stellar customers? Mention stickers can be used to give a shout-out to someone that you want to recognize. Tag influencers you’ve worked with or brands you love can help build social media connections organically.

3. Hashtags

Adding a hashtag to your Story helps funnel your audience to more of your content. For example, if you’re hosting an event, you may post the hashtag to send people to the static page to learn more. Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories is an incredibly popular marketing tool for brands because it allows you to direct traffic to more branded content.

4. Polls & Questions

Engaging with your audience is so important in social media marketing. If you’re not having conversations with your followers or gathering feedback, what’s the point? Instagram Stories ‘Polls and Questions’ features let you ask your followers questions and get answers immediately. You can even share their answers anonymously on your Story. It also helps you to get to know your followers better, as well as find out their likes and preferences.

5. Countdowns

Planning something major? Want to let customers know that a sale is ending? Use a countdown sticker! This interactive sticker will automatically keep track of how long a customer has to take advantage of your last promotion or how many hours until you unveil new information. This keeps customers on edge or promotes a sense of urgency.

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