How to Write for Search Engines in 2019

2022 Update: as of 2022, it is recommended that you write for people instead of search engines. Still, these tips can be useful when looking to optimize your pages.

Search engine marketing is ever-changing. At one point keywords were the #1 focus and users could either care about your content or not. Now, Google is smart enough to somewhat measure a user’s search intent—so it’s more important that you’re writing quality content for your users instead of stuffing in keywords.

Today, you must focus on writing content that appeals to both users and Google in order to rank. Sounds overwhelming, huh? Here are 4 of our top tips for writing for search engines in 2019.

4 Tips for Writing for Search Engines in 2019

1. Make it original.

Original content is king. While it’s always been important to create quality, original content for your website, Google has cracked down on copied content in 2019. Besides your “what we do” sections, make sure your blog posts and service pages include original copy. Don’t have the time to write pages of text? Hire an SEO copywriter!

2. Make it timely.

In 2019, Google is putting an emphasis on timeliness and relevance when they rank. Consider publishing fresh content regularly to encourage Google to take your website seriously. Optimize old content with new information and update photos, too.

3. Write as if you’re speaking.

Voice search is the hottest thing in SEO right now. With the rise of Alexa and Google Home, more people are turning to their virtual assistants to answer questions about local businesses and services. Write blogs the way you and your customers talk—it’ll help you stay a leg up on the competition.

4. Focus on how-to content.

People turn to Google when they need help. Whether that's answering a basic question or asking “how to tie a tie”. Focus on how-to content in your niche to provide value to local users. Think about how your business does things. Write down your processes. You’d be surprised at how many would benefit and appreciate hearing your company’s way of doing things.

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