How To Write the Best Google Ads Copy

Crafting the perfect Google Ads copy can be a challenge for someone who’s not familiar with the platform. You’ll want to convey your message quickly and efficiently using the right keywords...and you’ll need to consider searcher intent and the user experience. Did we lose you already? No worries—here we’ll explain how to write the best Google Ads copy to drive leads to your local business.  

How to Write the Best Google Ads Copy

Use competitive keywords. 

Mirroring a best practice from organic search engine optimization, you’ll also want to include competitive keywords in your advertising copy. Do some research on highly searched terms that match your topic—i.e. plumbing, home improvement, HVAC, etc.—and choose ones with a low to medium difficulty level. Ideally, you’ll want to mirror your audience’s search query. 

Include call-to-action.

Whether you’re writing ad copy or a blog for organic search, you want to tell users what to do next. Call-to-action statements are important because they help you give users a clue as to what you want. “Shop now” or “click to learn more” are basic but acceptable call-to-action statements and can give users an expectation for your landing page.

Consider searcher intent.

Consider, also, what the searcher meant when they typed the query. For example, if a searcher types “how to fix a leaky faucet” you might assume they have a faucet they need to fix and are looking for answers. Some may be searching for a do-it-yourself guide; others may be looking for a local plumber that specializes in leaky faucets. Decide what to do with your landing page from there—and provide the best resources on leaky faucets via your landing page. 

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