Search Engine Optimization Marketing for Construction Companies

Did you know that Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second? People (and by people, we mean your customers right here in Colorado!) are looking for you online.

Go to Google right now and search “construction companies in “insert your city name”, CO”. Did you show up? Did you make it in the top three? If not, it means you don’t have a solid Search Engine Optimization Marketing, or SEO, strategy. Without attention to SEO, you’re losing potential customers to your competitors who have adopted a digital strategy.

55% of Google users click on one of the first three listings after searching. Data suggests that almost no one (zip, zero, nada!) navigates to the second page. So, how does a construction company from Colorado rank high on Google? By engaging in search engine optimization marketing for construction companies

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process by which marketers make Google happy by tweaking and adding content to a website. Google has these little robots that read every website, and while they’re slowly getting smarter, they don’t always know exactly what your website does...unless you tell them.

SEO helps the robots understand what you do, so when people search for let’s say “construction companies in Colorado” Google will know to show them your website first.

How Will My Colorado Construction Company Benefit From SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing allows smaller, local construction companies to compete with the big names in the business. Your customers are searching for Colorado construction companies online and a solid SEO strategy (that targets local areas!) allows you to reach customers efficiently.

“I Want to Show Up on Google”: How To Get Your Construction Company in CO to Rank on Search Engines

We like to say that SEO works best when you add quality content to your website that your customers will value. Answering any questions customers may have about the construction process on a blog or giving them examples of past projects in a portfolio section is a great start.

Just don’t forget about Google—you’ll need to remember to appease the robots and tell them exactly what you do. SEO marketing can be a tough job to add to any construction company’s plate. You’re busy makings sales and building things—thankfully, you have Beyond Blue Media to help with the digital stuff.

Choose Beyond Blue Media as your Construction Company SEO Experts

At Beyond Blue Media, we offer 100% transparent SEO marketing for construction companies across Colorado. If you want your Colorado construction company to rank #1 on Google, you’ll need the best SEO strategy to get started. Our team of digital marketing experts will work hard to help businesses across Colorado generate more qualified website traffic and convert more website visitors into booked jobs.

Contact us today at 970-691-6149 or reach out online. We’ll get in touch soon to walk you through a punch list for getting your small business website listed higher on Google search results.


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