Search Engine Optimization Marketing for Roofing Companies

Want to do me a quick favor? Open a second tab and Google “roofing companies in (insert your city here), CO”. What three roofing company websites appear first? Is your Colorado roofing company in the top three?

No matter how great your roofing business is, if you don’t show up in a Google search, your leads and sales will suffer. In 2017, 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses before considering a real-life interaction. To make sure you’re reaching every possible client, you need to update your marketing strategy. How? By investing in search engine optimization marketing for roofing companies.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of tailoring your online website to Google. The best search engine marketers make websites easy for Google’s robots to read and understand by targeting just the right keywords. For roofing companies, these keywords might include terms like, “roof repair”, “shingle replacement”, and “roofing company near me”.   

How Can Colorado Roofing Companies Use SEO to Gain More Leads?

A solid SEO strategy can help any Colorado roofing company rank higher on Google, and thus, get more leads and sales over time. Potential customers are Googling questions like ‘When do I need a roof replacement?’ and ‘What’s the best roofing company in Fort Collins?”. And, when they do, you want to be the first roofing company they find.

Being the local authority on roofing subject matters will help you gain traffic from potential customers and improve your overall Google rankings. Google’s latest update appreciates valuable content that gives your customers real and helpful answers. Think of the questions you get asked by your clients every day and blog about them. Add service pages to your site explaining exactly what you do. Unique content that is focused locally will be your key to SEO success.

Choose Beyond Blue Media as your Roofing Company SEO Experts in Colorado

At Beyond Blue Media, we offer SEO marketing for roofing companies around Colorado. If you want your Colorado roofing company to rank high on Google, you’ll need the best SEO strategy and maintenance. Let us help you convert your website into leads and more booked jobs.

Contact us today at 970-691-6149 or reach out online. We’ll get in touch soon to walk you through a punch list for getting your roofing company website listed higher on Google search results.


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