SEO Tips: How To Get Your Restoration Company Website to the Top of Google

Looking for the best way to improve your restoration company’s Google rankings? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss what factors help you rank in 2019, what Google’s algorithm is looking for, and how to improve the SEO for your restoration company website. 

What Does Google Consider for Rankings in 2019? 

Before we can really get into the specifics of how to rank in the top three on Google, you’ll need to understand how Google works and the exact ranking factors they favor. Overall the search engine considers over 200 factors to determine where your website will rank for certain search terms. Overall, Google’s goal is to get users the answer they need; and in 2019, they’ve shifted focus to searcher intent and content relevance. Here are a few ranking signals that might impact your restoration company: 

Is your site mobile-friendly?

In 2019, mobile-friendliness is highly important. As of February 2019, mobile devices accounted for 48 percent of web page views worldwide. That means half of your customer base is viewing your website on their iPhone or Android. Google wants to provide users with a positive experience; if your website isn’t up-to-date, Google won’t put you at the top of its list. 

How fast is your website?

Page speed matters, too. Again, Google wants to direct users to websites where they will have a positive user experience. Slow to load web pages? Not a good sign. If you cannot find a way to improve your page speed by optimizing images or shifting to a new hosting site, your rankings may suffer. 

What’s the quality of your content?

Content quality is important to Google because its goal is to answer user questions. If you produce half-written content with lots of typos or informational errors, Google will learn not to trust your website for information. Quality content in 2019 provides lots of details. It’s also free of error, includes headings, and is easy to navigate. Google’s major ranking signal, though, is whether or not the content considers searcher intent. 

How old is your website?

Domain age is another factor that can help you improve in rankings, but isn’t optimizable. It’s just the age of your website domain. To ensure solid Google rankings (and to make sure you don’t lose customers), don’t change your website URL. 

3 Quick Tips for Improving Google Rankings for Your Restoration Company Website

1. Do restoration-specific keyword research. 

Keyword research is incredibly important. Before producing any content for your restoration company website, research what keywords customers may be using to find your site on Google. Then ask yourself: why are my restoration customers searching? Do they have a specific question they want us to answer? Or, are they looking for our services? 

There is a high likelihood you’ll produce both types of content. Some blog posts might be geared towards high-level keywords about what to do when you experience smoke damage. Others might encourage you to call a restoration company ASAP. 

2. Optimize your website for mobile viewing.

Again, mobile-friendliness is so important to Google. Whether you optimize anything else on your website or not, you definitely want to convert your site to a platform that allows easy mobile browsing. Planning to launch a new website? Think mobile-first. This year with the announcement of Google’s mobile-first indexing plan, new websites that don’t work well on mobile may have issues with indexing and ranking.

3. Make sure your website speed is up to par.

Website speed is all a part of the user experience. Slow website load times will give users a bad experience on your site and will discourage their return. User experience is now taken into account by Google when indexing and ranking. Make sure to regularly test and improve your website speed. 

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