Should My Denver Business Respond to Online Reviews?

Looking for a short answer? Yes. Your Denver business should absolutely respond to online reviews on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere. Here, we’ll tell you why. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Online Reviews

1. Improve local SEO.

For local businesses, local SEO is an important tool to help you reach a more relevant audience. You might already know that the number of online reviews—especially on Google My Business—you collect can actually help to improve your search ranking. But, did you know that your responses to those reviews also matter? Google gives credit to businesses that readily respond to customer reviews—plus, the keywords you and your customers use can impact how you rank for specific search terms. 

2. Build customer trust. 

Everyone—especially customers leaving reviews—love to be heard. Responding to reviews—even the good ones—will get your Denver business gold stars across the board. Good customer service starts with engagement. By responding to reviews, your rehab center, HVAC company, or real estate agency will appear more engaging and interactive. Over time, customers will notice the quick response and begin to trust your company a little more. 

3. Help customers make a decision.

Much of the customer journey lies in decision-making. Should I purchase from this business? Is this the best HVAC company in Denver? Should I avoid this restaurant? Reviews help customers make decisions about where they want to eat, shop, live, and spend money. By responding to online reviews, you can help guide the decision-making process in favor of your business by apologizing for past mistakes and maintaining a high level of customer service.

4. Show off exceptional customer service.

Customers just want to know that you care about them—and that starts with exceptional customer service. Simply responding to an online review can set your business apart from other Denver companies. Word-of-mouth marketing is still alive and happy customers tell others about the exceptional customer service they receive. 

Beyond Blue Media: Denver’s Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

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