Social Media Marketing Resolutions You Should Make in 2019

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to reset your goals and improve aspects of yourself (and your company!). Personally, you could exercise more or start a diet—but what about setting goals for your company’s social media strategy?

When it comes to digital marketing, you should always be prepared for new trends. This world is fast-paced and new strategies are always unfolding. If you want to improve your engagement and make your social media work for you in 2019, think about setting these new year’s resolutions for your Northern Colorado small business.

1. Be authentic

Authenticity is going to be a major player in social media marketing in 2019. Social media users are tired of businesses invading their “social” spaces. Don’t produce ad-like content—instead, be authentic and social. Talk to your followers like you would friends or family. Don’t always pitch them your latest deal.

2. Embrace influencer marketing

Influencer marketing (or working with people who have high follower counts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) was a big trend in 2018—and according to our research, it isn’t going anywhere. More brands will adopt influencer marketing to help elevate their businesses or presence because it gives yet another platform to be seen and heard.

3. Stay engaged

Users will engage with your page by liking and commenting, but to stay in the game in 2019, you’ll need to do the same. Companies that interact with their followers (and others!) on social media will be the first to gain and retain followers in the new year.

4. Reevaluate and try something new

Don’t be afraid to shake things up this year. Sometimes the best strategy for social media is to be critical. Really evaluate how your social media accounts look—is there anything that you could change to make them more appealing? Then, do something you haven’t done before (like shooting videos or making memes!) and see how it pans out. You won’t know until you try.

5. Get insights from your data

Posting to social media is a great way to stay connected to customers, but do you know what you’re really getting out of it? Social media data is available—and it’s the easiest way to measure the impact of what you do on a daily basis.

Our best advice? Review your 2018 social media data and see what you can learn. Understanding what types of social media posts generate the most engagement (aka profile views, website visits, new followers, etc.) is the key to understanding and improving your 2019 social media strategy.

Beyond Blue Media: Social Media Management Company Serving Fort Collins & Beyond

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