Spring Cleaning: Here's How to Refresh Your Website in 2019

If you’ve made your way here, you probably have already published your website...but you’re not getting the leads you used to get from it. Are we close? Truth is your work doesn’t end after you hit the publish button—website management is something that you should always put at the top of your marketing plans. If you want your website to grow, you’ll need to keep up with the times and refresh it regularly!

Why Does My Website Need a Facelift?

Over time, the rules for how Google chooses to rank websites have changed. What used to be good enough to get your site on the first page of Google might not cut it anymore. And, it’s not just keywords to worry about. You should also be optimizing your site for technical SEO.

And, it’s not just Google that has changed over the years. Users aren’t using websites the same as they used to. In fact, most users aren’t even on a laptop anymore—they’re using a mobile device. If your site isn’t updated to handle a mobile browsing experience, you’re missing out.   

3 Ways to Improve Your Website in 2019

1. Revamp your navigation

Users in 2019 value simplicity. Consider revamping your navigation—aka the menu—on your website. Not every page and blog post needs to exist in your menu drop-down anymore. As users view your site on mobile, make sure the navigation includes the main pages and fits on a small screen.

2. Speed up your site

Website speed is also incredibly important. As mobile phone users with high-speed Internet access and LTE services at all hours, we value fast information. Users have even reported that websites taking more than three seconds to load will have them looking elsewhere.

3. Make it mobile-friendly

First, you want your website to look good on mobile and be easy to navigate because that’s how your users are viewing your website. A quality user experience should always be top-of-mind—that’s simply good customer service!—but now you have SEO to consider too. With the release of Google’s mobile-first indexing, the search engine is now looking at the mobile version of your web pages to rank and index. If your mobile site is not up-to-par, your website visits and conversions could suffer.

Want to Build a Website That Generates Leads? Call Beyond Blue Media Near Fort Collins

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