“What is Digital Marketing?” Here’s Why Your Colorado Business Needs It

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising were quite simple. Run a few radio promotions to entice customers on their morning commute. Tape a television commercial and have it air a few times per day. Design a print ad to be featured in the local paper. 

It’s not so simple anymore.

Customers aren’t listening to the radio on their way to work—they’re shuffling Spotify and Apple Music. Netflix and Hulu are the way of the future, as many have cut the cord on their traditional cable package. What we’re saying is: your customers aren’t where they used to be—they’re digital now. Why aren’t you?

The world as we know it is changing. It’s been moving towards a digital, online marketplace for years, and in order to grow a business in this decade, you’ve got to exist online. Other businesses are expanding their reach and connecting with the right audiences through digital marketing. Here’s what we mean—and how you can start growing your business with these digital marketing strategies, too.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process by which companies connect with potential customers through digital channels—mostly the Internet! For you, it’s how your company connects with potential customers and shows them why you’re the best company for the job using tools such as Facebook, Google Adwords, organic search, and the like.

Small to medium-sized businesses are leveraging digital marketing channels such as search engines (Google), social media (Facebook and Instagram), email, and their websites to connect with current and potential customers. Using digital marketing tactics along with traditional marketing strategies if you so desire (print advertisements and television commercials) helps to maximize the results of any marketing campaign. 

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing?

Why does your growing business need digital marketing? Here are seven of our favorite reasons to tell potential clients when they ask.

Setting a strategy gives you direction.

When it comes to setting up any marketing campaign, it’s best to have a strong strategy and definitive plan in place. Working with a pro digital marketing firm gives you the upper hand against your competitors because firms set strategies that work.

Like other digital marketing companies, Beyond Blue Media has completed successful digital marketing campaigns with clients just like you — we always have our finger to the pulse!

Customers are going digital.

When advertising your business, one of the first pieces of advice any marketer will tell you is to go where the customers are. You want your advertisements and business name to be present and accessible to every potential customer—and the numbers don’t lie. Trust us, your customers are online.

3.5 billion. That’s the number of searches that your potential customers are performing on Google. Every. Single. Day. 

81% of customers start their search online before making a purchase.

There are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide.

If you’re not showing up in the digital space, you’re missing out on potential leads.

Tracking digital campaigns is a breeze.

When your business takes advantage of digital marketing strategies, it’s much easier to use a data-driven approach to reaching customers. Numbers don’t lie. 

When you can easily track the statistics for each marketing campaign, it’s possible to discover what works and what doesn’t work when attempting to reach your audience. 

With this information available, your marketing team can help you allocate your budget effectively and where it will serve your business best. Less wasted funds and more potential customers? That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

You can directly connect with customers.

The old model of marketing put several degrees of separation between a business and its potential customers. Authentic human connection took a backseat to transactional marketing tactics. 

Today, there is a lot more potential to not only connect with your potential customers but also to build community with them. Social media and the internet at large are very much an extension of our reality. We spend so much time online that it’s only natural we would start to forge real relationships there. 

As a modern business owner, you have the unique opportunity to create a brand persona that can actually connect with your customers on a human level. You can hear direct feedback from them and they can get live updates from you. 

This is an unparalleled approach to gaining trust and credibility with customers. 

You can stay on-trend.

Keeping up with the latest trends, topics, technologies, and events is a pivotal part of generating leads and maintaining a business that will continue to be relevant as the times change. This has never been easier with the help of the internet. 

Online communities are a gateway into the ins and outs of business and customer news. Even if your industry is relatively stable, there are still innovations to be made for those willing to remain in a growth mindset. 

There’s also a steady stream of new, more efficient methods to catch your potential customer’s attention. Digital marketing offers a window into what works and what doesn’t. It allows you to tune into what your competitors are up to and what your audience responds well to. 

It offers an opportunity for uncapped growing potential.

The goal of marketing has always been to reach the masses and convert as many people as possible. But it was a lot more difficult for a small to medium-sized business to achieve substantial success from traditional marketing strategies on a budget. 

The internet evened out the playing field a bit more. While a bigger budget can rope you more leads, a well-organized campaign on a modest budget can still help a business get in front of lot more eyes.

Digital is more cost-efficient.

When you’re just starting to scale your burgeoning business, marketing funds can be limited. Not a lot of small to medium-sized businesses are capable of producing and distributing traditional marketing materials such as television advertisements or billboards. 

On average, the cost per mille (CPM) on traditional marketing will be about $17-$32 if not more. Compare this to an average of $2.80 CPM on Google or Facebook and it’s a no-brainer where your money is best spent. 

Why Choose Beyond Blue Media?

At Beyond Blue Media, we aim to be your steadfast partner in marketing. We work alongside your business to bring you personalized campaigns and real results. Best of all? Our team really cares about providing for our clients' success—every time!

We use an effective two-step approach to get you the absolute best, most qualified leads. First, we implement everything from Facebook advertising to Google Adwords campaigns to get your brand in front of customers who need you most. Second, we play the long game by incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring in free leads, while also tailoring ads to people that have viewed your company's website before.

Don’t know if your brand is ready to take on the digital marketing space? No worries—we can help. While Beyond Blue Media Headquarters is in Fort Collins, Colorado, we work with companies in a variety of industries across the nation. Let us prove to you how our digital marketing company can help you create a scalable growth plan and improve your leads today.


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