What Is Influencer Marketing? And, Does My Denver Business Need It?

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve seen the typical ‘influencer’ before. They are the type of account that’s casually marketing products from their own personal feed. Sometimes they have a blog and other times they offer shopping options directly from the app. But, what exactly is influencer marketing? And, does my Denver business need to invest?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the act of promoting your product, service, or business by word of mouth—usually over the Internet via social media. Over the years, influencer marketing has become a hybrid marketing strategy that combines the idea of celebrity endorsements with everyday “customer reviews”. Influencers can be anyone with a substantial online following that’s willing to review your product, service, or business—and it works!

What Denver Businesses Can Benefit from Influencer Marketing

When you decide to use influencers to promote your local business in Denver, you’ll want to carefully consider your approach. Does this influencer match my brand? Will their followers care about us as a business? To be successful, you'll want to put together a social content strategy, plan accordingly, and budget for expenses. Spend time researching influencers, too, and don’t just jump in on a whim.

Often, the best influencers for service-based local businesses are local influencers. If you’re an Italian restaurant in Denver looking to try out influencer marketing, reach out to foodie Instagram accounts local to the area. Offer them a free meal in exchange for an honest review of your business to their followers. Keep in mind that they are real people too. Influencer marketing is an opportunity to build local relationships—and for you to connect to your community on social media.

Ideally, the Denver businesses that will benefit most from influencer marketing are ones with a lifestyle angle—like restaurants, local shops, breweries, real estate companies, and boutiques. Influencers that can use your business day-to-day or show off your style to their followers will be most inclined to work with you!

Beyond Blue Media: Denver’s #1 Social Media Marketing Firm

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