Why Does Google Reward Quality Content?

Have you ever opened up an email newsletter to find typos? Has the grammar of a blog post ever turned you off? We live in the age of digital content. We’re bombarded daily with newsletters, blog posts, advertisements, and photos in our newsfeeds—and some content is simply better than others. What we’re trying to say is that consumers care about the quality of the content they digest on a daily basis. If your content is lacking, your customers will notice.

What Is Quality Content?

Content can be anything you write and publish to your brand’s website. In Google’s eyes, “quality content” is well-written, grammatically correct, and provides topic expertise and authority on a subject. It also considers the brand’s trustworthiness by vetting the website domain, security, reviews, keyword usage, and length of posts. 

Expertise can be determined by the type of content you’re writing. If you’re viewed as an expert in your field, your post likely receives lots of shares on social media and people spend more time on your pages. Google takes note of this. Authority, on the other hand, is measured by the number of links pointing back to your site. If you are an authority on a subject, chances are someone (or many someones) have cited you as an original source once before.

Lastly, Google looks at trustworthiness. This is often measured by the online reviews of your business and the security level of your website. Make sure your site is registered as HTTPS. 

Why Does Google Reward Websites for Quality Content?

Google rewards websites for quality content because they want to provide a better user experience for searchers. As a search engine, their ultimate goal is to get users the answer they need quickly and without much headache. To show Google your content is top-notch, avoid appearing spammy, and always do your research. Make sure your website stays up-to-date, too. And, never try to fool Google by using black hat SEO tricks. You’ll just land yourself a penalty and it could hurt your overall site traffic. 

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