Why Does My Small Business in Fort Collins Need SEO?

Whether you want to believe it or not, your customers have gone digital. When it’s time to find a realtor, HVAC technician, or plumbing company, they go to Google first.

Consumers conduct more research online now before choosing to visit a store or to hire a contractor. It’s even said 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend—that’s what comes up with your Fort Collins business when someone Googles you!

So, how can you make the most of your Google listings? Local SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the act of writing and optimizing your website for search engines. Google and other search engines have an algorithm in place that helps provide the searcher with the most relevant results.

When a customer searches for a business in their locale by using keywords like "general contractor near me" or "coffee shop in Fort Collins", Google conducts a search for the closest and most relevant resources for the searcher. These results are shown in what's called search engine results pages (SERPs).

Local SEO is a sub-discipline of SEO as a whole. This strategy involves updating your website and creating 'digital footprints' to prove where your business can be found in a particular city. This even works for businesses without a physical storefront location.

If you want Google to think your Fort Collins business is relevant or even real, you have to talk to the search engine through a strong SEO strategy.

3 Reasons Why Your Fort Collins Business Needs SEO

93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Having an SEO strategy for your Fort Collins business can help potential customers find you quickly and efficiently.

Not actively working on an SEO game plan? Then, you are losing customers to your competitors.

Here are 3 reasons why SEO has become a necessary practice for small businesses looking to succeed in the Fort Collins market.

1. SEO will help increase local website traffic

When customers search for home service companies, they are often searching with their mobile location turned on or by using search phrases like “HVAC companies near Fort Collins”.

A strong SEO strategy will understand how your local customers search online and then tailor your website to their search queries (searches made in search engines like Google).

By working on SEO, your website has a better chance of ranking on Google in the top three organic search spots (which is good, because studies show the higher you rank the more traffic you’ll receive!), and the Google Map-Pack.

2. Your competitors are already engaging in SEO

That’s right—your competitors have already gone digital or they are about to. We know you’re battling with them for customers—but now a major player in the marketing game is mastering SEO.

Gaining a top spot in the SERPs is a competition in itself, but if you start early and maintain the right SEO strategies over time, you’ll have the upper hand—even against big-name companies!

3. Having an online presence makes you credible

Now that we live in a mobile world, it’s incredibly difficult to appear credible when you or your business doesn’t have an online presence. People wouldn’t go on a date with someone they couldn’t find on Facebook...so why would they hire a plumber they can’t find on Google?

If you’ve implemented a proper SEO strategy, your Fort Collins business will show up with simple Google searches like “Fort Collins HVAC companies” or “plumber near Fort Collins”. Potential customers looking for your business may also Google you directly by name—and if you don’t appear, they might find that a little odd and wonder if you even exist!

A proper SEO strategy will index all of your website pages with Google, educate your customers on your products/services, and make your business look like the star of the show—not sure what that means? Give us a call at 970-691-6149—our team of Fort Collins SEO and digital marketing experts can help you start planning a strategy to increase your leads today!

Need a Fort Collins SEO Company You Can Trust? Choose Beyond Blue Media

Lots of SEO companies promise you top-ranking websites, but can’t deliver results. Typically, if they deliver extremely fast results, that means they're hiding something and that could penalize your website from even appearing in searches.

Here at Beyond Blue Media, we’ll tell you the truth about SEO. We work with you to understand search engines and the digital space and make a digital marketing plan we can tackle together. When you’re looking for a Fort Collins SEO company, Beyond Blue Media is the one to call. Contact us online today or give us a call at 970-691-6149.


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