Construction Marketing Tip: How to Blog for Local Audiences in Northern CO

Picture this: you’ve blogged about a common construction or home renovation topic and suddenly your organic visits are through the roof. You’re excited until you discover that nearly none of these visits converted into sales.

Why? Well, it’s likely because you did not write to your local audience in Northern Colorado. You see, users all over the world search Google for construction-related keywords. The traffic you’re seeing is likely national traffic—which is great because your site is ranking nationally on Google, but not ideal since these users can’t call to schedule services. You want users in your Northern Colorado service area to find your website and make the call.

Want to fix this issue? Start blogging for local audiences. Not sure how—here’s where to start.

Why Should We Blog for Local Audiences?

First and foremost, any small to medium-sized construction company should be blogging if they want to be found online. Focusing on local residents can help improve your local SEO in Northern Colorado and give your website more value in your service areas. Naturally, the more pages you have on your website, the more opportunities to rank within your service areas.

Also, blogging gives you the opportunity to connect with your local audience in unique ways and direct users to your site organically. For example, you could feature a construction project you completed for a local business. In this case, your blog post might get shared by the business or picked up by a local newspaper—which could help you attract backlinks to your site! Backlinks help to build your overall authority and can make your site more attractive to Google.

How to Optimize Construction Blogs for Local Audiences

Writing a construction blog that appeals to local audiences is the first step to success. In order to reach a local audience online, you must follow a few steps to optimize your content.

Write relatable content

Write blogs that relate to your service areas. Consider the weather, local events, or community norms. As a local business owner, you know your community the best—so write as if you were writing advice to a friend or neighbor near Loveland in need of a construction company.

Add specific service areas

Writing content to interest the community of a specific service area is the first step. Second, you’ll want to target these service areas in your headers and throughout your blog. Google will only know to rank your blog for local keywords if those keywords are present throughout. For example, if you are looking to target customers in Loveland, CO, make sure to write specifically to Loveland residents and include the keyword “Loveland” and “Loveland, Colorado” throughout your blog post.

Track your efforts

To know if this method of blogging for local audiences is working, you’ll need to track your efforts. Make sure your site is connected to Google Analytics and track organic traffic to those blogs specific to your target service areas. Over time, you’ll be able to tell what’s working and what’s not and can optimize your efforts moving forward.  

Need Help Blogging for Local Audiences in Northern CO? Choose Beyond Blue Media

Need help blogging for local audiences in Northern Colorado? Call Beyond Blue Media. We’re local Construction SEO experts and can help you manage your blog (and other marketing efforts!) to attract local audiences.

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