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Athelo Group: Case Study

Case study of partnership with Beyond Blue Media
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The problem

Athelo Group needed a creative performance-enhanced look, feel, and functionality that couldn’t be offered on their Squarespace website. The original website was too limited and the navigation was clunky. As professionals in sports management, they needed a way to show their value online and prove their worth within seconds after entering the website. They also needed a backend that wouldn’t be too complex for their team to roam about and make edits in.

Our solution

For the design, we structured the website to focus directly on the talent, rather than the sponsorships or sales pitch. Athelo Group’s unique approach to management needed to be represented across all pages, so our approach was to showcase their sports talent in an exciting and interactive way.

We moved their website from Squarespace to WordPress using Oxygen for custom designing and performance improvement. But they still needed a solution where they could make their own edits and updates to particular pieces of the website.

They also needed to prove their value within their content. By rewriting case studies for athletes and brands alike, we could drill into their approaches and differences within the industry.

The outcome

The newly designed website created a sense of ‘power to the athlete’. We focused on creating an experience where athletes and brands could come and find a worthwhile partner in Athelo Group. The website was launched being visually appealing, easily navigable on all devices, and quick in load speed. By connecting our web design & development and SEO teams, we put a focus back into performance and conversion optimization.

To assist the client with backend navigation and editing privileges, we created custom fields for each page to minimize complexity.

The finalized case study copywriting enhanced the client’s appeal and relayed valuable information for new partnership opportunities.

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