How to Appear on Google Maps

Mobile device with the Google Maps app open and pin markers showing locations

If you’re a local business with customers in your neighborhood, it’s important that you’re easily accessible to potential new leads. Nowadays, the best way to become visible to your local customers is through Google Maps for direction requests, phone calls, reviews, and visibility through keyword searches. In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), Google

What Are Google My Business Posts?

Google My Business posts showing on a business knowledge panel in Google Search results

Google My Business is a powerful platform every business should take advantage of. Along with increased online visibility, it also allows for ease of communication between a business owner and their customers. If you’re a local business owner dreaming of gaining more traction, this is a vital tool you can benefit from. Google My Business

How to Manage Negative Reviews on GMB

Astronaut customer standing in front of a local business leaving a negative review on GMB

No business owner wants to see a negative review suddenly appear on their page after they tried their absolute best to build up their reputation. Especially when you’ve been trying so hard to optimize your digital assets for reviews. But, if you see a negative review: don’t panic. It’s typical to receive negative reviews. The

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a big step for any business—but how do you choose the right one? They’re all promising similar things—better Google rankings, more revenue, high ROI—and they all seem just fine. What sets a great digital marketing agency apart from the rest? While we can’t give you the right answer for

Will My Organic Rankings Suffer If I Don’t Have a Blog?

When you ask a marketing professional what can make for a quick SEO win, they’ll often ask this question first: do you have a blog? And, you may have to shrug. Blogging takes time, effort, and resources to pull off. It’s not always a viable option for a small business with few helping hands. But,

Answers To The 5 Most Common Digital Marketing Questions

Marketing is an ever changing field. If it was easy, we’d be out of a job—and your local Denver business would have customers flocking in droves to schedule your services. Sadly, that’s not usually the case and local business owners, like yourself, need helpful marketing advice from the professionals. Here are our answers to five

Social Media Marketing: When Should I Post to Instagram?

Social media is an ever changing channel. Marketing specialists have been trying to master the art of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter since the networks took over the Internet…and they have yet to accomplish this lofty goal.  As a business owner near Denver, you want to post to social media because that’s where your customers spend

3 Ways a Web Design Agency Can Add Value To Your Business

Before hiring a web design agency, you might be a little hesitant. Can’t we just contact a freelancer? Could we just do it ourselves? What kind of value will a web design agency add? What will our local Fort Collins business gain from adding a creative partner? Here, we’ll break down three ways a web

How Does Google My Business Influence My SEO Ranking?

Go to Google and type in the name of your business. What do you see? If you’ve properly claimed and optimized your Google My Business profile, you should see a sidebar with your business info. On mobile, your business snippet will pop up first.  This is known as Google’s Knowledge Panel. It typically pulls information

6 Steps to Create Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating email marketing campaigns that convert can be challenging at best—yet, when they work, you can’t deny that it’s a great way of reaching out to your prospects and customers. Haven’t toyed with email marketing just yet? If you own a business in the home services, food service, or retail industry, now is the time