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  • Green Earth Products Portfolio Item 1
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  • Green Earth Products Portfolio Item 3
  • Green Earth Products Portfolio Item 4

Project Elements:

  • Website Redesign & Rebuild
  • National eCommerce Marketing Plan
  • Online Advertising
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Local SEO
  • Local Ads
The legacy website emphasized commercial products and services. Green Earth's goal was to appeal directly too home consumers with its products.
The new website clearly communicates the benefits of Green Earth products to consumers.

The Problem

During the midst of the pandemic, this natural ingredient disinfectant company decided to change user streams from solely B2B by incorporating a new focus on B2C. Their current website was B2B oriented with no product purchase intent. They needed a solution for online transactions, website performance, and a mix of B2B with higher attention to B2C. The product brand was new, so creating brand awareness would be a key performance indicator.

Another pain point was trying to sell a disinfectant product on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook during the pandemic, at a time when certain keywords were restricted.


The goal was to redesign and rebuild the website on Shopify while strategizing a full-scope digital marketing campaign. The previous Squarespace layout wouldn’t allow for the necessary customizations and performance needed for a high-functioning marketing campaign. To get the results the client needed, we put together a design that would focus on the catalyst product with design elements focused on promoting the “natural” and “environmentally-friendly” side of the product line. Along with the design, new content would be needed for consumer understanding, conversion optimization, ads landing pages, and SEO.


We finished the rebuild in Shopify, creating an easy navigation and seamless ecommerce experience for the end-user. With the website’s launch, the marketing campaign took flight, focusing on driving new traffic to the product pages. The new design and content allowed all marketing channels to run without restrictions. Brand awareness and product sales increased while the B2B side of the business ran with ads and local SEO.
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