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  • H3 Construction and Design Portfolio Item 1
  • H3 Construction and Design Portfolio Item 2
  • H3 Construction and Design Portfolio Item 3
  • H3 Construction and Design Portfolio Item 4

Project Elements:

  • Website Redesign
  • Online Advertising
  • Local SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
h3's website is very image-focused and showcases their custom build projects.

The Problem

h3 Construction & Design had the stereotypical home services website design. It was to-the-point, brief, and barely contained enough information for a user to understand what they do. This website wouldn’t rank on Google, ads were too expensive for lead acquisition, and the overall website design didn’t reflect the brand’s expertise and professionalism.


An image-focused, clean, responsive website would be the solution to assist the client with ranking, advertising, and user experience. New landing pages would be necessary to positively impact advertising and SEO efforts. High-quality content focused on the user’s needs would have to be added. New articles structured for creative guides and answering search query questions would capture low-hanging fruit keywords and build trust on large search engines.


The website was redesigned in WordPress using Oxygen as the advanced page builder. We focused more on the visual representation of the client’s previous work projects rather than simply adding imagery wherever it would fit. Client footage and imagery replaced any and all stock photos to bond the user’s trust with the brand upon each page load.

New web page content written by our in-house team provided a deeper understanding of the brand and its services for online leads and increased SEO performance. New pages were created to fully explain services and processes in further detail.

Ad copy focused on larger, high-profile projects which resulted in better lead generation and ultimately, higher ROAS.

GMB optimization and online reputation management focused on increasing local expertise and authority to make h3 a top general contractor in Northern Colorado.

Article creation surrounding tips, guides, how-tos, and DIY projects enhanced online visibility and substantiated trust between the user and h3. Optimizing these articles for the web and creating custom graphics plus downloadable content increased web traffic and, ultimately, leads.

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