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Project Elements:

  • Website Redesign
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
LOTH and Co's website targets a high-end home consumer with home design and decor products.

The Problem

LOTH and Co’s mother-daughter eCommerce business needed a website solution that functioned as an inventory management system and eCommerce store. Sales were dropping on their website, the design didn’t reflect their elegant merchandise, and their advertising efforts were falling short. They were looking to improve their website’s navigation, performance, and capabilities for logging inventory, keeping up with their online sales, and increasing conversion rates.

The client also needed quality content for the blog section of their website to provide additional value for customers, increase their SEO ranking, and promote content for online sharing.


We needed the best of both worlds, a user-friendly design and a sales system that’s easy for non-web developers to update. By choosing Shopify as the CMS and focusing on the user’s experience above all else, we would be able to create a seamless buyer’s journey while appealing to the client’s target consumer.

Online advertising strategies would need to be developed in Google and Facebook ads, with a larger ad spend focused on Facebook, based on their audiences’ interests and other data insights.

Article creation surrounding interior design tips, budgeting tricks, and similar resources would be the necessary topics to fit the brand’s scope of expertise.


After we honed in on the ideal customer’s experience, we launched the website with a lighter theme focused on simplicity and elegance. Photography was an important asset in creating a visually appealing experience for the target audience. Once we tested UX in real-time, we went from a never-ending scroll on the homepage to breaking up the retail into various categories, broken up by clean imagery. The focus of “lady of the house” throughout all of the client’s messaging across their website and marketing campaign spoke to the target audience, making consistency the winning strategy for the client.

Advertising on Facebook proved to be the most effective revenue stream for new and returning customers. We set up targeting toward abandoned carts and subscribers with drip campaigns to keep the visitors engaged with the brand.

Monthly content publishing on the website created a resource center for customers and aided in brand visibility on search engines. By taking a 2nd-person writing approach, we were able to resonate with new and frequent customers on a deeper level.
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