Short-form vs. Long-form Video

In video content marketing, businesses must determine whether to use short-form or long-form videos. Each has its advantages and is generally used within unique contexts—knowing which to use will significantly affect the success of a digital marketing campaign. 

Short-Form Video

In some sense, what is considered a short-form video depends on the industry in question. For many years, a short-form video was considered under 10 minutes long. However, nowadays, many marketers will agree that a short-form video is generally under a minute, usually between 30 and 60 seconds. 

Short-form videos are great for creative marketing, especially on social media. These videos are designed to grab attention and convey an idea or message quickly before a potential customer loses attention. TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts have all contributed to the popularity of short-form video content. 

Advantages of short-form content include: 

  • Fast messaging - communicate important ideas more efficiently
  • Tailored for social media - great for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube 
  • Increased engagement - content is shorter, which leads to a higher rate of viewers watching the message and watching it in its entirety

Long-Form Video

Therefore, long-form videos are any type of video content that lasts longer than about one minute. While this type of video content is not as tailored for casual viewing and viral trends, long-form enables companies to provide details that are impossible to include in short form. 

Long-form video can include content such as Q&A, webinars, live streams, documentaries, and other forms of high-quality production. It is undoubtedly more comprehensive for individuals interested in learning more about a particular subject, and it allows companies to include a degree of storytelling that is only possible with more time.

Advantages of long-form content include: 

  • Greater detail - take the time that detailed topics require 
  • More information - share all the necessary information without cutting corners
  • Quality over quantity - content can lean into quality that customers will notice  

Choosing the Right Type

Both forms of video content are helpful in their own ways, and most content campaigns will include a mixture of both. Consider where your potential customers are (platform), their interests, and what synergizes best with your company's offerings.

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