What is user experience (UX) design?

User experience (UX) design is creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. UX design is a term normally used to refer to websites and other digital consumer interfaces. 

UX design includes acquiring and integrating the product, including branding, design, usability, and function. Ultimately, UX design aims to create the best possible experience for both the user and the company it is interacting with. A good user experience is simple, efficient, easy to understand, functional (quick and no coding bugs), and aesthetically pleasing. 

UX designers usually consider several aspects when working on the UX design of a website, including: 

  • Designing the structure and its interaction with the user interface (UI)
  • Putting research into practice to improve the system
  • Seeking efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reducing pain-points
  • Knowing what features are important and necessary
  • Making the interface future-proof, innovative, and intuitive
  • Creating a level of consistency throughout
  • Synthesizing design with the company’s brand

By optimizing UX design, companies can create a more satisfying experience for the customer and themselves within the web interface. When done successfully, well-designed UX can lead to higher web traffic, better conversion, retention, and more. If you’re looking for a professional agency to help maximize the effectiveness of your company’s UX design, contact our team to learn how we can help.

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