Online Advertising

Custom ad campaigns built for the consumer, focused on the brand’s goals. Beyond Blue Media is focused on efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to our clients’ advertising campaigns. Obtaining the best ROI and ROAS are at the core of our ads team’s strategy development. You need a successful advertising partner, we can guarantee that we’ll be that for you.
Meet Matt Hazen, our Director of Advertising explaining why you should choose Beyond Blue Media to get the most of your advertising online.



Target Your Ideal Customer

We focus on understanding your true audience. Spend your budget on the people that convert.

Move the Needle

Sales. Traffic. You name it, we will improve it. All-encompassing ad strategies for any business size.

Data-Driven Results

Data analysis drives results. We track your customers actions and intent to improve the value of your brand or business marketing.

Partnered with the Best

Increasing Your ROI Across the Web

Beyond Blue Media is an all-inclusive space for your digital marketing needs. We provide full-service advertising solutions, spreading from Paid Search to Paid Social. Every platform is at your fingertips to conduct your marketing. 

Each part of your marketing campaign is like stacking another block on the foundation of your marketing needs. The stronger the foundation, and the more consistency we develop within your brand messaging, the better overall ROI you will experience.

In the digital marketing landscape, consistent action over time is a key element to your growth. As we acquire more data, we can hone your marketing to continually improve the value we provide. This is imperative as ad costs continue to increase.
Google Ads logo displayed across a Google search query

Google Advertising

Google stretches from Search, to Maps, to Partners and YouTube. Google’s assets are all across the web, making the data sources for finding the right audience finally accessible. Since Google’s monopoly reach is so vast, your advertising efforts can be streamlined across various platforms. But we don’t want just any and all platforms being used at the same time, we want to use the right platforms.

Digital Advertising Expertise

Your team of expert advertisers will strategically choose the ad channels and platforms that will return the highest ad spend.


Google has a network of partners it works with across the web. Display advertising works by using visuals such as images or videos to target your ideal audience members to become customers. These ads can show almost anywhere on the internet, or just in select places we choose to target.

Paid Search

Google is notorious for targeting its own users with ads. These ads will be spotlights before organic search results become available. With the right budget, we have the expertise and experience to position you in this section of Google with high-performance and convertible ads.

Product Advertising

Google has a section on Search dedicated to products. Anyone searching for a particular or generic product will see ad results first, containing an image of your product. We’ll get your e-commerce brand noticed on all fronts of Google’s SERPs.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is a Google product where we can target interests based on what people watch! With short to long videos, we can engage your clients in noticing your company while converting them with a meaningful call to action.

Facebook Advertising

The mighty Facebook is still a top-revenue earner in the paid social space. Facebook and Instagram work in tandem with advertising efforts, so you’ll be reaching audiences on both platforms. Social media mediums like this allow us to dive deeper into the psyche of your target audience. Developing an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram that performs based on your audience’s likes, interests, and personality provides some of the highest ROI in the industry.

Niche Advertising

Your ideal customer could be anywhere, which is why we may get really creative and start advertising on completely different mediums than what you’re familiar with. We love tracking your customers across platforms to understand which one they’ll be more willing to adopt your brand and spend their money through.

The more touchpoints you have, the higher the conversion rate. We can improve your advertising effectiveness simply by incorporating demographic and interest strategies. We’ll do a deep dive into your niche to see where your users are located online and position your brand on those platforms that will bring the highest ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Re-engage Campaigns

Target customers who have left their carts empty, who bought a product months ago, who haven’t visited your site in over a week. These re-engagement campaigns are some of the most effective campaigns for converting new or existing customers. Once we track your customer’s information from across the web, we can target them through various mediums like Google Search or Facebook ads with a more personalized message to make a purchase.

A/B Testing

We’re big believers in testing. Our ads team wants success for your campaign. A/B split variant testing allows us to decipher what works in a campaign and what doesn’t. Since a campaign isn’t a copy and paste solution that we take from one client to the next, adjustments and real-life testing will truly advance your custom advertising campaign.

We can split landing pages, ads, content, etc to learn what the user does and doesn’t like about what they’re seeing. A slight difference can go a long way in attracting your lead and turning them into a customer.

The “Why Us” Question

Real Results

We’ve had many clients partner with us after saying that they have been burned too many times before by online advertising agencies. These horror stories have always ended in our clients finding a home with us, not willing to move anywhere else. Ads are subject to many variables that affect their results (ad cost, target industry, target audience, type of product/service, product/service cost, etc). You need a team that is consistently digging into the data and results to understand upcoming trends.

With the digital landscape changing so rapidly, we have to be proactive about the road ahead. While we will never guarantee that there won't be down months, we promise real, proven results over time that we will track and present to you. You want to know if we’re doing our jobs? Put us to work.

Exclusive Tools to Bring Success

Beyond Blue Media brings the entire team to the table to help your ad campaigns succeed. We focus on authenticity and custom creative elements. The “cookie-cutter” approach just won't cut it any longer. The social landscape is extremely noisy and your brand deserves the elements and assets it requires to help it stand out.

You will need to consistently create on-brand content, videos, photography, and digital assets to keep your brand and business fresh in the consumer's eye. Beyond Blue Media brings our entire in-house team to work at your disposal, aiding to create and build your brand’s consistency.


Facebook Advertising

“Neuromarketing” is a coined term describing the science behind the consumer’s thoughts. Marketing that is focused on understanding the consumer on a deeper level proves to increase your ROI. We focus on what truly matters: digging into your target audience on a personal level to market effectively.

Performance Tracking

We have a suite of tools that allow us to track your advertising performance from every angle. Know exactly where you spend your ad budget. Understand what works and what doesn’t. 

We’ll help you understand what is and isn’t working while informing you of what actions we’re taking to adjust your ad campaigns. Communicate with our ads team to see the growth from day one to year five. We’ll show you the numbers, you can decide if we’re worth it.

Heatmap Analysis

Heatmaps are user tracking software that allow us to record your website visitors as they interact with your website. Have an e-commerce site with hundreds of products or just one? 

We can follow the user as they land on any page of the website to see what the buyer’s journey looks like in their eyes. We can find bugs, make website recommendations, and optimize the purchase funnel to a perfect, straight line to the finish.

A Team that Cares About Your AD BUDGET

We’re the experts in spending your money, so we’re not going to recommend you spend money on a platform we think will be unsuccessful. 

Partner with us and we’ll put your budget in the right categories on the most appropriate mediums to get you the best results. We lose sleep knowing that you aren’t making money.

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