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Outsourcing or In-House Marketing? Which Team is Worth It?

It’s an age-old conundrum all businesses face eventually: “do we hire an in-house marketing team or should we outsource the work?” Well, my friend, if you’re in the midst of pondering this decision, you’re in good company. This can be a complex determination to nail down.  Before you get too far into this blog, let’s […]

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Which Social Media Marketing Channel Should I Advertise On?

The expansive land of online marketing is riddled with twisting paths and tricky terrain to navigate. It can seem especially intimidating if you’re just starting out. You’re not alone if attempting to balance your business duties and fitting online marketing into your spare time is running you ragged.  We get it. As a small to […]

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7 Best Tips on How to Create Effective Social Media Posts

Modern businesses have a unique opportunity to reach potential leads more efficiently than ever with social media. What?! Do you mean to say that social media isn’t just for millennials to post selfies and DM celebrities? Yes, you too can use social media no matter what size your business is! You just have to know […]

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What is CBO? Are you Ready for the Next Step in Facebook Budgeting?

Good ol’ Facebook is at it again! Last year, in 2019, Facebook released a new way for you to set a budget for your running ads. Ready for this? You can now use your budget directly at the campaign level rather than the ad set! Now, is this a good thing, or a bad thing? […]

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