It’s no secret that blogs play an integral role in online marketing, but what is the point of keeping up with a consistent blog really? Why is it important actually to put so much time and effort into creating content on a regular basis – especially when you don’t see results right away? These are fair questions. There are many worthwhile reasons to keep up with your business blog.

Let’s dive into what the purpose of a blog is and some of the frequently asked questions some of our clients express to us when just starting out.

Aren’t Blogs Meant For Individuals to Post, Not Businesses?

Err, no.

That mommy blog you visit for cooking recipes and parenting isn’t the only purpose of a blog.

Blogs are a popular medium for online creators to connect with their audiences, but they’re not just for individuals! Blogs have the potential to better connect you with your audience too through discovery. Creating blogs for your website gives your potential customers even more of a reason to visit your website. This can not only lead to more interest in your business, but it can also be a great way to boost your ranking on search engines. Blogging can be a great asset to you for many, many reasons.

Mainly, blog articles are a chance to show your expertise and insights to the world. This builds trust with your readers, customers, and search engines!

How Can An Article Help My SEO Campaign?

As you might already know, search engine optimization is a key part of any online marketing campaign. It’s the process of optimizing your website so your content will rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). There are many methods we use to climb the ranks. One of these strategies is to run a consistent blog with content marketing. 

Articles help with SEO in a few different ways. Since one way to increase your ranking with search engines is to use keywords related to your industry, you can use a blog to target both long-tail and short-tail keywords. But keywords alone won’t give you much SEO “juice”. 

You’ll also need to demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable, authoritative voice in your industry. Remember, Google rewards content that is helpful to the humans behind a search query. Blogging is a way to connect authentically with your audience which in turn will help with your SEO goals.

Be selective in what you choose to write. You can’t just write anything and think you’ll get hundreds of visitors pouring into your website. You need to think about questions that people are asking concerning your industry, service, or product. Answer The Public is an amazing resource to use to get started on viewing search query trends.

Why Should I Have Blogs Not Directly Related to My Product or Service?

As content creators, we like to craft blogs on a broad range of topics for our clients. Sometimes we get some push back on certain blogs that don’t seem directly relevant to their business. A question we get a lot is, “What’s the point in writing about something that has nothing to do with my actual product or service?” 

Well, writing about adjacent topics to your business can actually be a great asset to your SEO efforts. Blogging is all about positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. Writing blogs about other topics not directly related to your products can help build authority and credibility. It can also help you secure more keywords.

In the user’s chain query pipeline, you have to think about where they are coming from. What’s on their mind? What type of research are they doing to discover the solution to their need or problem? For instance, if they are researching flooring options, you can’t just create content solely based on the type of flooring you provide. You need to create content about the hierarchy of the subject. There are tons of floor options out there, write about a few choices and get them interested in the one that you provide.

Why Should I Create Articles When Others Have Already Published the Same Topics Online?

For every new article created, there are likely countless others written about the exact same topic. It’s still beneficial to throw your hat in the ring when this is the case. In fact, the sheer existence of other blogs on the same topic means there’s an interest in that subject, which means there’s potential to draw in site visitors.

When writing on a broadly covered topic, you have the chance to add something new to the topic. What information or perspectives can you include that your competition didn’t? Show your audience why you’re a leading voice in your industry.  

What’s the Point of Creating Articles If I’m a Local Business?

For many search queries, the top results are dominated by big brand names. Whether they draw in a massive amount of visitors or they’ve just been around since the dawn of the Internet, it’s easier for national businesses to rank in many cases. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your local business too.

Although it’s totally possible to rank on the SERP as a local business, an easier target to shoot for is ranking on Google Maps. When you Google an industry “near you”, you’ll see a selection of three businesses in what is known as the “Map Pack”. A major goal of local SEO is to land in one of these prestigious spots. 

A number of factors go into which businesses rank higher on Google Maps. Your website’s SEO health is one of them. As we know, blogging can give you an SEO boost thus getting you closer to ranking in the “map pack”. With a nearly 900% jump in “near me” searches between 2015 and 2017 alone, this can be a great place for a local business to land.

Why Should I Pay More for an Article in the US if I Can Just Pay Someone Out of Country to Write a Decent Article for Cheap?

You can’t simply throw up any piece of content and expect it to gain traction. There are many facets to a well-crafted article. You need to think about keywords (both long and short-tail), your company voice, the quality of the content, and more. Sure, you can get canned content for cheap or hire someone from out of the country to create simple content, but it typically won’t do you much good. In order for your blogs to make a meaningful impact, you need content that will truly connect with your audience.

Search engines like Google don’t like to rank content that’s just regurgitated. You can’t simply create something that addresses a subject and doesn’t supply the demand of the audience. No no no. You need unique, quality content to rank.

Creating Content With Beyond Blue Media 

We take a lot of pride in the articles we write for our clients. Each blog is carefully researched with SEO in mind. When you make the decision to enlist our help, we make sure we’re adding value to your business. With each blog, we aim to help you better connect with your audience, rank higher on search engines, and build up a reputable online presence for your business. 

If you have any further questions about why articles are important for your online marketing plan, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to elaborate more on blogging and its role for your business.

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