Marketing Packages

Marketing Packages that are Out of this World!

Marketing is a complex long-term effort, that requires careful planning, execution and monitoring to get the best results. For many businesses, developing effective marketing strategies while also operating their business day-to-day is too dificult and expensive. Much money is wasted on marketing tactics that aren't integrated into an effective strategy that includes various channels.

We get it  — Marketing is hard!

At Beyond Blue, to make the process as simple and accessible as possible, many of our services are grouped together in packages. We find this makes marketing simpler, more predictable, the results easier to measure,  and to allow our clients to budget more easily so they don't waste hard-earned money with ineffective programs.


The Moonshot: Essentials


Designed to Get You Into Orbit and Beyond

The foundation of a great online marketing program is a website designed to convert into qualified leads, local search optimization so your customers can find you, and advertising to drive demand and expand your business to new customers on social media and other platforms.

☑   easy-to-use website with great content to entice customers, & written to perform well on search
☑   a logo that captures your unique brand identity and positions you against your competition
☑   local search optimization including Google Maps, Google Reviews, and Google My Business
☑   setup of branded pages on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms

Go Interplanetary: Above


When the Moon is Not Enough

Once your business has a great foundation, interaction with customers becomes key. Designed for businesses that need more than a simple web presence, the Above package will take you beyond the ordinary to the extra-ordinary!

☑   website that includes creative, interactive elements that engage visitors
☑   a foundation to support e-Commerce* applications and customer relationship management
☑   regional SEO and stronge online advertising presence which is highly-targeted
☑   regular blogging, social media posting and interaction with engaged followers
☑   robust online reputation management

*Due to complexity and unique needs of a variety of online businesses, e-Commerce functionality is quoted separately as part of this package.

Warp to Galactic: Beyond


Go Farther than You Can Imagine

Every business is unique and sometimes needs a unique, custom marketing program. When you need to go where no one has gone before, then you need our Beyond package. 

☑   completely customized website with unique interactive features
☑   robust lead generation and customer relationship management, e-Commerce, or other applications
☑   national SEO campaigns and advertising that competes with established brands
☑   robust and lively social media programs, videos and more!

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