4 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in Denver, CO

Are you a real estate agent or real estate company near Denver, Colorado? Looking for more creative marketing ideas in 2019? Content marketing is a great way to engage users, build trust with clients, and drive organic traffic through SEO. Here are 4 content marketing ideas specifically for real estate agents.

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Denver Real Estate Agents

1. Write a killer blog. 

If you aren’t already producing written content for your real estate website, now is the time to start. Well-written, SEO-focused blog posts will help to improve organic search rankings, traffic, and, eventually, conversions. To get started, create an editorial calendar and plan out your keywords—focus on highly-searched long-form keywords in your area. Make sure your blog content is relevant and brings value to your users. Our best advice? Post tips for buyers and sellers and become the online thought leader on real estate in your market. 

2. Shoot and post virtual tours.

Real estate clients are often visual. Professionally produce something they can see and show off to friends and family. Virtual tours, long slide shows, and detail shots of different on-the-market homes are valuable to buyers. Why? Because these up-front details allow decision-making to be easier for the client—and provide you with stronger leads. When you present more information and visuals up-front, you may reduce the number of spam calls and on-the-fence buyers. 

3. Produce infographics.

Another content marketing idea for Denver real estate agents is to combine the visual element of home buying with the informational element. To attract attention, produce visually appealing infographics of recent surveys or statistics from the real estate industry. You could also produce visual how-to guides for buyers and sellers. 

4. Get social.

Social media—especially Instagram—is a great way to connect with potential clients. Engage your audience with Instagram stories and Facebook posts to keep things casual, but still accrue leads. Need some ideas? Staff photos and behind-the-scenes shots are great for building trust in your company. Walk-throughs can help you reach potential leads for homes you know need a little extra marketing. You could also interview happy clients as a testimonial to your real estate prowess. 

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