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Custom ad campaigns built for the consumer, focused on the brand’s goals. Beyond Blue Media is focused on efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to our clients’ advertising campaigns. Obtaining the best ROI and ROAS are at the core of our ads team’s strategy development. You need a successful advertising partner, we can guarantee that we’ll be that for you.
Our Ads Strategy
01 / Strategy

A Marketing Strategy
Tailored to You

Businesses of all sizes deserve a better solution for their digital marketing. However, the implications of starting a new business are amplified when it comes to hiring the right team or people internally. We exist to be the closest thing to an in-house marketing team, but with less overhead.

If you’re building a business, you need a plan for reaching your desired customers. Beyond Blue Media is on standby to make your goals come to life; we can help you develop a strategy to navigate the ever-expanding digital world. Partner with our proactive and creative marketing team—we promise you won’t find a digital marketing company that works harder!
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02 / Tools

Exclusive Tools
For Ultimate Success

Beyond Blue Media brings the entire team to the table to help your ad campaigns succeed. We focus on authenticity and custom creative elements. The “cookie-cutter” approach just won't cut it any longer. The social landscape is extremely noisy and your brand deserves the elements and assets it requires to help it stand out.

You will need to consistently create on-brand content, videos, photography, and digital assets to keep your brand and business fresh in the consumer's eye. Beyond Blue Media brings our entire in-house team to work at your disposal, aiding to create and build your brand’s consistency.
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03 / Our Process

How We
Fuel Your Brand

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Step 01: Target
Step 02: Move the Needle
Step 3: Data-Driven Results
Defining Your Marketing Goals / Beyond Blue Media
Embarking on your digital advertising journey, the first step in our innovative 3-step approach centers on meticulously understanding your unique target audience. We underscore the importance of directing your invaluable resources towards a carefully dissected group - those with the highest potential for conversion, your future loyal customers. Our pursuit of defining your demographic aims to maximize impact and assure optimum returns on your marketing investment.
Transparency in the Agency’s Performance Metrics / Beyond Blue Media
Boost your sales, drive your traffic, and witness your business flourish. No matter the size of your venture, we have tailored digital advertising strategies designed for your unique needs. Join us as we take you through our exclusive 3-step journey, designed to transform your digital advertising approach and accelerate your business towards unprecedented success.
Discussing Financial Aspects / Beyond Blue Media

Our marketing agency believes in the power of data. In this section, we unfold our 3-step approach to digital advertising that emphasizes the significant role of data analysis. Firstly, we diligently monitor and track your customer's behavior and intentions, harnessing these insights to refine your brand's marketing strategies. We believe that a data-driven approach is instrumental in maximizing the impact and value of your brand, ensuring results that speak for powerful success stories across all platforms. Discover how we transform raw data into actionable strategies and improved outcomes for your business.

Learning Your Audience

Our expert team designs immersive, visually stunning websites optimized for mobile devices. They're tailored to help businesses succeed by effectively converting customers for any desired call-to-action.

Performance Tracking

Achieve effective search engine optimization for any website and achieve the desired results. Outperform the competition and secure top rankings on search engines such as Google that will be sustained over time.

Heatmap Analysis

Boost your business with effective Google PPC, Facebook Marketing, and Instagram Influencer aolutions. Witness a quick return on investment and reach your target audience seamlessly across all platforms.

Respecting Your Ad Budget

Our expertise lies in managing finances. We won't recommend investing in unsuccessful platforms. Let us allocate your budget to yield optimal outcomes. We want you to profit from your investments.
04 / Gameplan

Increasing Your ROI
Across the Web

Beyond Blue Media is an all-inclusive space for your digital marketing needs. We provide full-service advertising solutions, spreading from Paid Search to Paid Social. Every platform is at your fingertips to conduct your marketing.

Each part of your marketing campaign is like stacking another block on the foundation of your marketing needs. The stronger the foundation, and the more consistency we develop within your brand messaging, the better overall ROI you will experience.

In the digital marketing landscape, consistent action over time is a key element to your growth. As we acquire more data, we can hone your marketing to continually improve the value we provide. This is imperative as ad costs continue to increase.
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05 / Services

Premium Ad Services

To market your business, use multiple tools to reach customers across different touchpoints. Know your audience's location and connect with them online. Our Customer Relations Consultant at Beyond Blue Media can help you grow your business and answer any questions.
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Display Advertising

Through its network of partners across the web, Google employs display advertising to target potential customers with visually enticing images and videos. These ads can appear on various websites or be selectively placed in specific locations.

Paid Search

Many users have complained about Google's tendency to display ads before showing organic search results. However, we can help position your business in this section with effective and high-converting ads, given the right budget and our expertise and experience.

Product Advertising

Google has a section on Search dedicated to products. Anyone searching for a particular or generic product will see ad results first, containing an image of your product. We’ll get your e-commerce brand noticed on all fronts of Google’s SERPs.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube, a product of Google, allows us to target individuals based on their interests through the content they watch. By creating short or long videos, we can effectively engage your clients and promote your company, ultimately leading to meaningful conversions through a call to action.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook and Instagram ads can help you reach your target audience effectively and earn high ROI. Facebook is a top platform for paid advertising, making it valuable for businesses looking to boost their reach and engagement.

Niche Advertising

Our advertising strategies target potential customers based on demographics and interests. We conduct research to identify the most effective platforms for your brand, increasing engagement and boosting conversion rates.

Re-Engage Campaigns

Target customers who have left carts empty made a purchase months ago, or haven't visited in a week. Use re-engagement campaigns through Google or Facebook with personalized messages to encourage purchases. Tracking customer information increases the chance of making a sale.

A/B Testing

We value testing to ensure your campaign's success. A/B split testing helps us customize adjustments for optimum results. We split different aspects of your campaign to gain insight into what users find appealing. Even small differences can make a significant impact in attracting and converting leads.
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06 / Why Us?

Why Should You
Choose Us?

We’ve had many clients partner with us after saying that they have been burned too many times before by online advertising agencies. These horror stories have always ended in our clients finding a home with us, not willing to move anywhere else. Ads are subject to many variables that affect their results (ad cost, target industry, target audience, type of product/service, product/service cost, etc). You need a team that is consistently digging into the data and results to understand upcoming trends.

With the digital landscape changing so rapidly, we have to be proactive about the road ahead. While we will never guarantee that there won't be down months, we promise real, proven results over time that we will track and present to you. You want to know if we’re doing our jobs? Put us to work.
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