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Why we started Beyond Blue Media

The Trainor brothers have all been business owners of local contractor companies and were fed up with wasting money on marketing companies that weren’t providing any leads or value. Hunter has worked for many marketing firms and saw firsthand the need for a more intentional marketing partner for companies of all sizes. There wasn’t a marketing company that was providing all the physical, digital, and mental support that business owners need to actually grow their business. That’s where Beyond Blue Media was born. A one stop shop for all things marketing.

  • Hunter Wylie
    Hunter Wylie Owner
  • Chris Rothenbury
    Chris Rothenbury Marketing Consultant/Social Media Manager
  • Rimini Hickey
    Rimini Hickey Marketing Consultant
  • Tim Falk
    Tim Falk Videographer/Photographer
  • Michael Tesauro
    Michael Tesauro SEO Specialist
  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith Executive Assistant
  • Matt Hazen
    Matt Hazen Account Executive
  • Joy Morrison
    Joy Morrison Web Developer
  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson Marketing Executive

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