4 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Improve Leads

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to improve online leads to your HVAC website? The following HVAC marketing strategies can help you drive website visits, encourage customers to engage with your brand, and position your Denver HVAC company as a leader in the industry. Read on to learn more.

4 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Improve Leads

1. Perform a mobile-friendly website redesign.

As a business owner, you always want to put your best foot forward. User experience is one of the most important aspects of online media in 2019–and this sentiment should extend to your online HVAC marketing strategy too. 

To improve leads, it’s recommended to redesign your mobile browsing. Nearly 58% of your customers are using their mobile devices to browse, shop, and connect with businesses online. If your website isn’t up to par, you’re giving users an excuse to go to your competitors. Also, from an organic search perspective, Google’s mobile-first indexing gives ranking priority to sites that have a positive mobile browsing experience.

2. Write a blog that’s SEO-focused.

Next, you’ll want to write a blog for your HVAC website that highlights industry trends, answers to customer questions, and offers how-to guides for common HVAC issues. As you plan out a list of blog topics, check for highly searched keywords and keyword phrases. Determine how difficult it would be to rank for these keywords and strategize accordingly. If you’re choosing the right phrases and making search-focused decisions, you’ll soon see your organic traffic spike.

3. Invest your time in email marketing. 

Not all Denver HVAC companies invest in email marketing efforts, but they should. Email marketing platforms—like MailChimp, Emma, and Constant Contact—make it easy to organize your customer list and have instant outreach access. You’ll also have the opportunity to segment audiences by specific attributes, like location or birthday, to send out targeted messaging. Why do we love email for HVAC? Because it’s a great way to target past customers and foster a relationship of trust with your brand. 

4. Optimize your homepage with call-to-action statements.

Once you have a great homepage, sleek website design, and SEO-focused blog, you’ll want to optimize for action. Adding call-to-action statements on your homepage is a great first step to turning a beautiful design into a lead-generation machine. 

What’s a call-to-action statement? It’s simple—you just have to tell your website users what you want them to do next. For most Denver HVAC companies, offering a phone number and encouraging users to “click here to make an appointment” works well. 

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