5 Ways For Brands To Be More Social on Social Media

As a small business in 2019, you likely have social media accounts. Now, we have to ask: how are you using them? While there’s a traditional way for businesses to use social media to reach customers, times are changing. Facebook just recently released its algorithm update to say its users’ news feeds would focus more on posts from friends, family, and groups moving forward. Thankfully, there are strategies brands can tap into to be more social on social media—here are our top five.

1. Create engaging content for customers

Take some time to post intentionally—and don’t just throw up an “Instagram-worthy” picture. While quality photo and video content are important, your words matter too. Take time to come up with engaging IG captions or Facebook posts. Then, ask your users to engage with you by commenting below about a specific topic or tagging friends that match the meme you posted.

2. Respond quickly to comments and messages

Instead of thinking of everyone online as anonymous, treat your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter audience like customers. Hang out on the platform to answer questions and engage with your audience regularly. Say thank you when they compliment your business. Answer quickly and politely when they direct message you a question about hours, prices, or services offered.

3. Start a Facebook Group

As social media (especially Facebook) has begun to shift focus to friends and away from businesses, it’s about time for businesses to shift their Facebook strategy, too. Consider starting a Facebook group for your business (or for a topic surrounding your business) to make it easier to connect with loyal customers. For example, if you own a series of restaurants in town, consider starting a “Foodies of Fort Collins” Facebook group that’s sponsored by your restaurant to gather together local food lovers. Post special coupon codes and member exclusives to entice you to join and engage.

4. Don’t be afraid to go live

Customers on social media like to see behind-the-scenes content, too. Don’t be afraid to "go live" on Facebook or Instagram. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, restaurant, or car repair shop, "live" posting allows online users to see that your business is run by real people.

5. Seek relationships, not just followers

Everyone, even big brands, has always been concerned with follower counts and likes—but, not you. With recent updates and shifts in opinion, the general population is shifting away from counting popularity. To be ahead of the trend, think about social media as a place to build relationships, not just a place to build follower counts. Small accounts can foster lasting, loyal customer relationships simply by using the network already built—just engage your audience, respond to them, and show them your true self.

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