6 Steps to Create Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating email marketing campaigns that convert can be challenging at best—yet, when they work, you can’t deny that it’s a great way of reaching out to your prospects and customers. Haven’t toyed with email marketing just yet? If you own a business in the home services, food service, or retail industry, now is the time to start. 

Here’s how to run a successful email marketing campaign by incorporating recent trends and sticking with a few tried and true strategies.

How to Create a Winning Email Marketing Campaign in 6 Steps

Before you set up your next email campaign (or, your very first), follow these steps to success:

1. Build an organic email list. 

Before you begin sending out an email marketing campaign, make sure you have a solid list of recipients. Organic lists do better than purchased lists—that’s a fact. Consider building your list by asking past and current customers to provide their email addresses to you after service. Asking for emails will give you a much more engaged base audience because they’ll have voluntarily opted into your content. 

2. Create relevant segments.

Not every person on your email list should receive every campaign you send out. Segment your list based on factors like demographics, psychographics, location, or interests. This separation will allow you to send relevant content—and, in most cases, will make your content more valuable to your customers. 

3. Write eye-catching subject lines. 

Even the best email marketing campaigns are nothing without a good subject line. Why? Because without the stellar subject line, no one is going to open the email. Use catchy phrases, emojis, or discounts in the subject line to encourage clicks. 

4. Choose a good design. 

Once your customer opens your email, what do they see? Simple, mobile-friendly designs are ideal—so consider writing concise copy and including strong calls to action. 

5. Create personalized content.

Customers want personalization. If email content isn’t relevant to them upon opening your campaign, there’s a high chance of an unsubscribe. Consider your customer’s interests and past behavior, then tailor content to them specifically. You can do this best by segmenting groups and creating unique content for each. 

6. Test and tweak. 

No campaign will be perfect the first time around. Test different combinations of design, copy, and subject lines. Track data for each segment to figure out your strongest customer group. Then, tweak your campaigns based on email marketing analysis. 

Email Marketing Services at Beyond Blue Media Near Loveland, CO

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