Colorado Epoxy Flooring Marketing: How To Make Digital Marketing Work for Your Niche Business

19,000 searches. That’s how many times Google users in the United States search the term ‘epoxy flooring’ each month. Want to capitalize on these searches for your epoxy flooring business? Go digital.

Understanding digital marketing and how it can help your Colorado epoxy flooring business is critical to success. Here is our proven 5-step process that capitalizes on Google searches, social media, digital advertising, and local SEO to generate leads for your commercial epoxy flooring business near Fort Collins, CO.

Does your Northern Colorado business install epoxy flooring? Not sure how to make marketing to potential clients work? You’re in luck—at Beyond Blue Media, we help Colorado Epoxy Flooring companies with traditional and digital marketing to boost leads and sales. Here’s how.

Our 5-Step Digital Marketing Process to Improve Leads for Colorado Epoxy Flooring Business

Define your audience.

Before you begin digital marketing, you must know your audience. Ask yourself a few questions. Who needs epoxy flooring near Fort Collins? How would my services benefit commercial businesses near Boulder? Do we appeal to residential homeowners? Is epoxy flooring for garages something we want to market? Defining your audience can help you maximize your efforts—and not waste time on audiences who just don’t need your services.

Offer something of value.

Not everything has to be a sales pitch. The website for your Colorado epoxy flooring business should offer value. Start off by asking and answering questions that your customers may want to know more about. Use your website to showcase your expertise in epoxy flooring. Examples of value include service pages, blogs, email newsletters, social media posts, and how-to videos.

Set objectives and goals.

Have you ever heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals? Well, it stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals. Setting goals that make sense for your epoxy flooring business and are relevant to your end game—making sales in the Colorado market!—is crucial to success. Marketing is much easier when you know what you want and have a plan for how to get there.

Optimize your website.

As you begin to make strides with marketing, you may think that’s all you have to do—but, the set-up is only part of the marketing journey. You’ll have to maintain your epoxy flooring website, update social media, and experiment with various digital marketing platforms to find out what works for your niche business. There's always room to improve your website or marketing campaign—and regular optimization is key!

Follow up quickly on every lead.

Whether you forget to check the contact box email or don’t have call tracking set up, it’s easy to ignore or miss leads that come from your website. However, when a website visitor takes the time to submit a lead through your landing page, it’s because they need you. Don’t miss these leads—pay attention and follow up quickly!

We Help With Epoxy Flooring Marketing in Northern Colorado

When you put the extra time into your marketing and follow these steps, you'll be way more likely to drive lead-to-customer conversions for your Colorado epoxy flooring business!

Own an epoxy flooring company in Northern Colorado? Don’t have time to nurture leads or optimize your website regularly? We can help! When you work with Beyond Blue Media, we can help you drive more users to your website, add up followers on social media, and improve your rankings on Google—just ask us how. Contact us online or give us a call at 970-691-6149.

Our team of digital and traditional marketing experts loves working with epoxy flooring companies in Northern Colorado. We offer our Colorado epoxy flooring marketing services to businesses in Fort Collins, Loveland, Ault, Greeley, Denver, Windsor, Boulder, Longmont, and the surrounding areas.


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